Anker is Giving Away Free Products Just for Checking Out Their Newest Tech

Who doesn’t like free giveaways, right? If you’ve been looking for a way to power your devices, either on the go, or simply at home, you might’ve come across a company by the name of Anker. And for a lucky few, you could win some amazing free prizes courtesy of the company!


Anker is currently promoting a contest here in the U.S. only, for simply checking out their pre-launch event for their brand new Anker PowerHouse, which is the world’s smallest 400WH off-grid power supply. With spring in full swing, this means plenty of camping trips, and even more days outdoors now that it’s a bit warmer (unless of course you live in California, but this still applies to you as well). Or what if your power goes out and you need that extra boost in the case of an emergency? This is what the PowerHouse by Anker will do for you.

Now let’s get to the details. The prizes all vary, and some are obviously easier to obtain than others. Some take as much as inviting five of your friends to simply check out Anker’s products, including the new power supply.

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