Simplehuman Releases New Hi-Fi Sensor Mirror with Built-In Google Assistant

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Simplehuman Releases New Hi-Fi Sensor Mirror with Built-In Google Assistant

Simplehuman is one of those companies whose products are simple in appearance and form factor, but the practical uses of their items will make you want to take a look in the mirror and say “why don’t I have this?” And speaking of mirrors, they have two new ones.

Simplehuman has announced two new smart mirrors, the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist.

“We successfully designed our first generation of mirrors by creating the best, most color-correct view,” said simplehuman CEO and Founder Frank Yang. “The new Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist models dramatically raise the bar by combining our tru-lux light with superb audio to enhance your morning routine — from makeup application to listening to your favorite music, our next generation of mirrors were developed to revolutionize your morning routine.”

Simplehuman Releases New Hi-Fi Sensor Mirror with Built-In Google Assistant

Both of the mirrors come complete with Simplehuman’s “tru-lux” lighting system with a 95 CRI (color rendering index), that simulates natural sunlight as best as possible. But not only that, there’s a night shift feature that shifts to more softer relaxed lighting to promote better sleep for those of you who leave your mirrors in places that aren’t your restroom. There are other features such as a built-in acoustic speaker for listening to some tunes while prepping yourself for a night out, that has Bluetooth, as well as WiFi and AirPlay 2. But the highlight here is that the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist comes with Google Assistant built-in so you can always get access to things like the weather or news while getting ready, even when your phone isn’t nearby,

Both mirrors are slated to be available in the Spring of 2019 for a retail of $350 and $450 respectively; you can check out more details at the  Simplehuman site.

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