New Monowear Leather Deployment Band For Apple Watch

Dan and I recently did reviews of some of Monowear’s products for the Apple Watch. We were both pleased with the design and quality of their bands. They have just released a new take on band design that combines open loop and closed loop options. The new leather deployment bands retail for $89.99 and are really cool. Let’s take a look!

Historically, when using a standard leather watch band, they push through the little loop and hook into whichever hole is best for your size then run through another loop to hold the access. While this style of watch band has worked for many many years, I think Monowear just might be on to something. Not to worry, the leather strap is top quality just like all of the other Monowear options, but they are offering a way to make your open band watch easier to size and take on and off. I also think the new clasp will keep the strap side with the holes from wearing out and getting wrinkled.


The band will still appear like most standard open loop bands on one end, but you will find a larger, metal clasp on the other end.


As you can see, the quality of the leather and stitching is top notch and looks great!


To use the band, simply feed the end with the holes into the metal clasp. There will be two posts that fit in the holes to hold the band in place. Once you get the desired size, the band basically becomes a single loop and will close just like the other deployment bands. There is an audible snap sound that locks and closes the band. To open it, there are two buttons on each side of the clasp. Squeeze them and the band opens up.


The watch can now easily slide on or off the wrist without having to undo the buckle, which also means not putting extra stress on the leather each time it is used. Once the sizing is correct, it will fit quickly every time.


At first I was kind of meh about the idea until I saw it work. The metal clasp is a really interesting design and works precise every time. The idea to connect a leather band this way should have been thought of years ago. Easy on, easy off and no leather wrinkle. Usually, a closed loop band is cumbersome to change sizes, but the Monowear leather deployment bands only take a second to re size and there are no special tools needed.

I absolutely love this band and since I wear both brown and black boots, I am going to have to get the black leather band also. If you are looking for a nice leather band, take a look at the Monowear leather deployment. For $89.99 you cannot go wrong!


Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Beautifully crafted band with inventive new clasp method.

What Can Be Improved: Only thing I need is a black band to go with the brown!

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