Timbuk2 Medium Copilot Luggage Roller: Ready for Globetrotting

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Timbuk2 Medium Copilot Luggage Roller: Ready for Globetrotting Listen to this article

This is the inside of the Copilot; it’s a clamshell design that is efficiently divided into two sections.

12-The TimBuk2 Medium CoPilot Rolling Suitcase-011

The left section is the side that has the half-indentions from the two poles connected to the handle. This compartment is the one I consider to be the main packing spot — not only because it is on the back of the back (for better weight distribution), but also because it’s the largest. It measures approximately 22″ long by 14.25″ wide by 4.5″ deep, and it is secured with a zippered mesh divider. With efficient packing, you should be able to get all of your clothing — enough for nine days or more — on this side. I’ll show you how I do it in just a moment.

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The right side is also covered with a zippered mesh divider, but this divider has two zippered halves measuring approximately 12″ by 9″. This is where I keep things like my lint brush, hair brush, deodorant, drugs and Tylenol, a bar of soap, and other flat-ish loose items I want to secure. Depending upon your style of packing, it might also be where you keep underwear, hose, other undergarments, or a couple of folded t-shirts. The interior of the right side has the top compartment cutting into its space a bit, so it basically measures approximately 14.25″ wide by 16″ tall by 4″ deep, but you may get a bit more room depending upon how lightly you pack that top compartment. This is the side where I pack shoes, my hair straightener, a power converter strip, miscellaneous converters, toiletries, and other things I don’t want to put in my backpack or purse.

Bear in mind that this right section is the side that you can access from the front of the Copilot when the suitcase is closed. That access makes this compartment a great place to stow souvenirs and other things you might want to add along the way, or it can serve as a convenient place to keep items to which you might need quick access — like a jacket or sweater.

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