Timbuk2 Medium Copilot Luggage Roller: Ready for Globetrotting

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Timbuk2 Medium Copilot Luggage Roller: Ready for Globetrotting Listen to this article

At the bottom of the front, there are two YKK zippers that open for access to half of the suitcase; this is really convenient if you have a sweater stashed there, or if you need to slip some souvenirs in at the airport. There’s a handle on the bottom of the front, in case you need a place to grab when hoisting the bag.

On the front, there’s a YKK zippered padded compartment that measures 10″ wide by 14″ tall. Theoretically, you could put a tablet or laptop in there for easy access, but if you tend to overstuff your suitcase (as I always seem to do), I don’t recommend it. That’s where I keep the yellow Tyvek shopping bag that I always bring along — just in case I pick up more souvenirs than will fit in my carry-on.

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There’s a handle on the right side. Note that the skateboard wheels are removable, so if you ever need to, you can swap them out.

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There’s another handle on the left side … are you noticing a theme? The bag has tons of handles! There’s a mesh pocket for your business card, or you can fill out the included white ID card that comes with the bag and put it into this pocket.


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This is the top of the bag — and yes, there’s another handle.


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