Proper Cloth Hits the Ball Out of the Park with their Custom Dress Shirts

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Proper Cloth Hits the Ball Out of the Park with their Custom Dress Shirts Listen to this article
  • Fabric: Thomas Mason Aqua Multi Check
  • Collar: President Spread II Collar
  • Cuff: One button barrel cuff
  • Front: No placket (French front)
  • Yoke: Split yoke
  • Buttons: Standard
  • Monogram: “PMB” in light blue block lettering on the left center cuff
  • Size: Custom size based on my Smart Size quiz

Check out a few screenshots from my ordering and customization experience:

The total for my custom dress shirt order came out to $160, plus $15 shipping. While I don’t necessarily have a problem with the cost of the shirt, in the age of free shipping offered at many online retailers, I was surprised to find that Proper Cloth charges $15 for shipping of custom dress shirts. In order to get free shipping on custom dress shirts, you’ll need to order over $200 worth of merchandise. Accessories, jackets, and samples ship for free at all times.

14-Proper Cloth Gear Diary 15-Proper Cloth Gear Diary-001

At the time of my order, Proper Cloth estimated that my shirt would be delivered between June 23rd and 24th, which was about 2 weeks from the time I placed the order. When I received my shipping notification, the FedEx tracking page told me that the estimated delivery date was June 27th. Thankfully, the FedEx tracking page was wrong, and the shirt arrived promptly on June 24th.

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16-Proper Cloth Gear Diary-002

The shirt came in a hard cardboard box, wrapped very well, as you’d expect a custom dress shirt to be. As soon as I saw the fabric, I was very happy with my choice. It’s a bright and energetic pattern on a light fabric that can easily be worn during the summer or the winter. The shirt construction is solid and it feels like a high-quality shirt.

18-Proper Cloth Gear Diary-004

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