Proper Cloth Hits the Ball Out of the Park with their Custom Dress Shirts

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Proper Cloth Hits the Ball Out of the Park with their Custom Dress Shirts Listen to this article

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While the shirt doesn’t feel like a “tailored” shirt that was sized to match my body exactly, it fits very well…definitely better than a shirt you’d buy off of the rack at Gap or Banana Republic. I am very happy with the fit of the shirt. The sleeve length is perfect and so is the length of the shirt itself. The shirt is long enough to tuck into a pair of pants but short enough to wear untucked and not look silly.

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My only reservation with Proper Cloth is the cost of the shirt. Is this a shirt that I would spend $160, plus $15 shipping, on? That’s a very personal choice, but I would imagine that if you’re shopping for a custom dress shirt, $175 is not out of the realm of possibility. I do think this shirt is worth $175, based on the quality construction, beautiful fabric, and custom size. Plus, if you’re looking for a more value-conscious option, Proper Cloth does offer fabrics that start at $85, so including shipping; you can get a custom shirt for $100.

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Overall, I’m extremely happy with my custom dress shirt from Proper Cloth. The shopping and ordering process was smooth and simple and the customization options were plentiful. Proper Cloth’s perfect fit guarantee adds to the value of the shirt, since you don’t have to be afraid of the shirt not fitting. Combining the quality craftsmanship of the shirt, the easy and fun customization and ordering process, the 2-week delivery, Proper Cloth is a home run in my book.

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 Source: The $150 Proper Cloth credit was provided by the manufacturer for a review sample.

What I Like: Excellent shopping and customization experience; Tons of fabric and customization options; Great reference information on the website; High-quality shirt construction; Great fit; Perfect fit guarantee.

What Needs Improvement: $15 for shipping seems excessive for a $160 dress shirt.

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