Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit Is the Perfect Summer Night Accompaniment

Summer goes quickly, but the memories created around a campfire can last a lifetime. The Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit guarantees that this summer’s memories will be the best ever by combining the warmth of a smokeless firepit with the rich flavor of a limited-edition bourbon. WhistlePig and Solo Stove have collaborated to create the CampStock Campfire Kit, the perfect combination of two great brands to make this a summer to remember.

Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit

What’s Inside the Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit:

  • Limited Edition WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey: Each bottle is crafted for sharing, aged to perfection, and ready to be enjoyed around a campfire.
  • WhistlePig Whiskey Custom Branded Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit: This is the ultimate smokeless fire pit that promises to elevate your outdoor experience.
  • Box of Whiskey Barrel Firewood: Made from the same barrels that aged your whiskey, these staves ensure your fire burns bright and aromatic.

CampStock Wheat Whiskey

Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit Is the Perfect Summer Night Accompaniment

We’ve tried WhistlePig Whiskey previously and have been impressed. This limited edition offering takes things to a new level. Each bottle of CampStock Wheat Whiskey is a unique labor of love, toasted by the flames of a Solo Stove.

Through a unique aging process that infuses the whiskey with subtle smoky notes, WhistelPig has released a special drink that stands out thanks to its deep, rich flavor, slight smokiness, and vanilla finish. It is a great sipping whiskey, based on personal experience; it also mixes nicely.

Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Firepit

The limited-edition whiskey is wonderful on its own, but adding a special, limited-edition Solo Stove Mesa XL makes it even more memorable.

Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit Is the Perfect Summer Night Accompaniment

I got my first Solo Stove during the pandemic, and I found that using it was a great way to see friends outside as the temperature dipped. Solo Stoves are convenient, smokeless, and generate a nice fire with plenty of heat.

The small Solo Stove included in this kit is their Mesa XL Tabletop Firepit. It’s a convenient way to bring light and heat to your next outdoor gathering. Better still, it’s ideal for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

Whiskey Barrel Firewood

Once the whiskey is properly aged and bottled, the whiskey barrels are repurposed as firewood, and a box for use in the Mesa XL Tabletop Firepit is included with the kit.

Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit Is the Perfect Summer Night Accompaniment

This repurposed wood adds to the uniqueness of the Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit and reflects the beauty of product sustainability. Everything’s better when enjoyed together; the CampStock Campfire Kit is no exception.

The thoughtful items in the Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit were selected to bring people closer, foster good times, and create great stories on cool spring, summer, and fall evenings.

So, whether you’re pouring a glass for yourself or sharing a drink and a fire with friends, this kit adds a special touch to any gathering.

Whistle Pig CampStock Wheat Whiskey

With the WhistlePig CampStock Campfire Kit, you get everything you need to make this summer unforgettable. Light a smokeless fire in the Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Firepit, pour yourself CampStock Wheat Whiskey, and enjoy every toasted sip.

If you’re ready to elevate your summer nights, grab one of these limited edition Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kits now, while they are still available — or grab one as a great last-minute Father’s Day Gift. We know Dad will appreciate it.

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