Board Up Your Windows, Sharknado 4 Is Coming!

Ah, summer. Long days, warm nights, and storms full of razor sharp teeth…yes, Sharknado is back again! You may recall that the last segment opened with President Mark Cuban, Vice President Anne Coulter, and Ian Ziering fighting sharks at the White House, and ended with David Hasselhoff on the moon and a shark about to land on Tara Reid. If possible, the next segment looks even crazier!carrot-top-sharknado

As you can see from the trailer, somehow the Hoff made it off the moon, Tara Reid apparently dodged the flying shark, and Las Vegas is about to have actual sharks join all the loan sharks. Wayne Newton is singing, what looks like a Chippendale’s dancer fights off a shark with his hips, sharknados out for revenge, and a former 90210 star wielding an enormous chainsaw…basically, everything that makes Sharknado great!


Check out the trailer, and set your DVR for July 31st!



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