T-Mate Fixes Wildlife Camera Mounting: No More Complaints About Missed Wildlife Photos!

I have spent years fighting with my game camera. It seems no matter where it is mounted, it ends up facing the wrong way taking thousands of photos of swaying grass or limbs. All the while, not giving me the images needed to manage the deer herd. I recently discovered the T-Mate camera mount, and it has fixed my woes. 

My cameras have been tied to trees, strapped to fence posts and I have used several store-bought mounting solutions, and all methods have failed. It might be weeks in between trips to the farm and the ability to check the cameras, so when they are found on the ground or pointing in the wrong direction, it is quite disheartening. The photos are important in managing the herd and knowing patterns of the wildlife.

I found the T-Mate mounting solution on a bow hunting forum I frequent. Art, the inventor and owner of the company, is a veteran and avid hunter who found a solution to a common problem to many who run game cameras. The T-Mate has recently been improved, and Art was gracious enough to let me try one for a review. I can honestly say I am super happy with the product. It is for sure one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” kind of inventions.


The T-Mate is a rugged, steel mount that slips over a t-post, easily holding a game camera in place. T-posts can be had for just a few dollars and are commonly found on all farms and ranches; they only take seconds to drive in the desired location.


Using the supplied knob, almost any newer style camera can be mounted to the T-Mate. There are options to connect from the back of the camera or the bottom, so there should be no problem fitting most cameras mounting locations. I was able to connect my camera in seconds and secure it tightly to the T-Mate.


Once the camera was attached, I drove the t-post just inside the feeder pen with the slotted side in the direction of where I wanted the camera pointed. It is now ready to mount.


Slightly tilting the T-Mate, simply slip it over the t-post and set to the desired height. Once in the correct position, the camera will hang in place. It is important to make sure the tabs on the bottom of the mount snap around the post to lock it in.


With the mount in position, slide the locking mechanism though the bottom slots. The mount is now locked into place. As long as the post will hold up, the camera will not move. Wind, raccoons, and cows should not be able to ruin weeks worth of photos!


The final step is to attach the supplied clip into place ensuring the locking mechanism will not fall out. This entire process literally took minutes. I used to wrestle with my camera for long periods of time using a stick and other items to get it pointed in the correct direction, knowing I would likely come back to have it not in that position.


I have to say that the T-Mate is one of my favorite outdoor product finds in a long time. The mount is high quality and should last a long time and simple to use. It solves a problem my wife has listened to me complain about for years. She was at the farm with me when I installed it, and her response was, “Wow! You shouldn’t come home cussing your camera every trip with this thing!” The T-Mate only costs $29.95 and can be found at the T-Mate website. Hurry and order yours before deer season starts, and you’ll never miss weeks’ worth of photos again!

Source: Manufacturer’s supplied review unit

What I like: Simple to use and solves a long time problem of mine. I will be buying one for each of my cameras!

What can be improved: Nothing at this time; this is a great product

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