Insta360 X4 Is an 8K 360 Camera That Reaches New Heights in Shooting and Editing

Insta360’s newest camera has some very impressive specifications and equally impressive features. The Insta360 X4 is the company’s latest flagship 360 camera; it offers 8K 360-degree video and 5.6K at 60 fps or 4K at 100 fps. The image quality represented in the company’s sample videos is a huge step forward. When combined with the ability to “shoot first, point later” and the invisible selfie stick, the creative possibilities have no limits. The X4 can also be used as a traditional action camera using a single lens, providing smooth, ultra-wide 4K at 60fps.

Insta360 X4 stock photo

With a form factor and sturdy build similar to other Insta360 cameras, such as the X3, the X4 steps it up in every way.

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The brains of the Insta360 X4 system is a 5nm AI chip paired with Voice and Gesture Control. Add to that a 135-minute run time and several AI-powered shooting and editing features, and it is easy to see the power of this new model.

8K Third-Person Views and High-Resolution Slow Motion

The performance of the Insta360 X4 stands out not only for its resolution but also for its detail and clarity. 8K 30 fps 360-degree footage looks as good as you would expect the next generation to look.

Reframing (changing where the camera appears to be focused forward), the 360 footage loses none of its visual quality, allowing you ultimate control in the editing process. There is also a new 5.7K mode at 60 fps for smooth action shots and a new 4K cinematic slow-motion mode offering 4X slo-mo at 100 fps.

Man sitting on a motorcycle, looking at the Insta360 X4 mounted on its rear.

Another magic trick up the Insta360 X4’s sleeve is the Invisible Selfie Stick effect that automatically removes the stick from the footage, providing the ability to create third-person views that are better than ever before. The X4 can also take 72MP still photos, now with included AI denoising.

A man and a woman taking a photo on the edge of a mountain while using the Insta360 X4 on a selfie stick.

You can even automatically frame yourself (or anyone else) in the shot using Me Mode on the Insta360 X4. This mode removes the Selfie Stick and features a max of 4K30fps, up from the X3’s 1080P resolution.

You can also shoot at 2.7K at 120fps, which allows users to create flat video clips without any additional reframing—that is huge. You can literally shoot now and decide later.

Two Cameras in One

The Insta360 X4 is both a 360-degree camera and a standard wide-angle action camera. Switching to single-lens mode allows the X4 to produce first-person POV sequences with super smooth 4K60fps and using MaxView, in ultra-wide 170-degree at 4K30fps.

A diver using the Insta360 X4 underwater

A Seriously Tough Little Camera

What good is an action camera if it can’t capture the action? This is not a problem with the Insta360 X4; it was designed to withstand abuse.

  • Removable Lens Guards: The X4 ships with the included Standard Lens Guards, but for ultimate protection, it offers the Premium Lens Guards, made with tough, scratch-resistant, tempered glass for action-ready ruggedness.
  • 5″ Corning Gorilla Glass Touchscreen – The new screen is larger, tougher, and super responsive for on-the-go use.
  • FlowState Stabilization & 360° Horizon Lock – The X4 delivers smooth, level shots regardless of the action.
  • 135-Minute Run Time at 5.7K30fps – The new larger 2290 mAh battery outlasts the X3 by an additional 2/3 run time!
  • Seriously Waterproof – The X4 can dive to 33′, without any additional protection or down to an impressive 164′ with the Invisible Dive Case.
  • Cold-Weather Resistant – Going skiing or climbing? The X4 operates in temperatures as low as -4ºF (-20ºC).

A snowboarder holding the Insta360 X4 on a selfie stick while making a jump

Ultimate Creativity

Insta360 has given much thought to how users shoot with their cameras. To that end, the X4 offers added features and capabilities to help you achieve your creative goals.

Can’t reach the camera? Use Voice Control or Gesture Control to start and stop the camera and take photos. Are there to shoot? You can also schedule your Insta360 X4 to power one, start and stop shooting, and power down.

A couple stand in the water as the waves crash around them. The man is holding the Insta360 X4 on a selfie stick above the female with the selfie stick bent at an angle.

Of course, the Insta360 X4’s creative shooting modes have also had major upgrades.

Bullet Time, an Insta360 staple, allows you to swing the camera around and capture Matrix-like slow-motion footage—now up to 5.7K at 120fps or 3K at 240fps!

With 8K Timeshift, you can easily create dramatic hyperlapse footage by changing the shooting angle of the VR 360 footage using keyframes. The camera also shoots timelapse segments up to 11K!

There are almost too many modes and options to mention. You can create amazing starlapses with ultra-wide angles to capture the night sky in motion trails. You can add cinematic motion blur without an ND filter using the Motion ND effect.

You can even use interactive stats dashboards in the Insta360 app to add data such as GPS location and speed supplied by your Apple Watch or Garmin device.

Advanced AI-powered Editing

Whether a novice editor or a seasoned professional, Insta360 has you covered, from simple push-button edits to fully customized manual editing.

Advanced AI editing on the Insta360 X4

The Insta360 app offers two upgraded reframing options. Using Quick Edit (previously called Snap Wizard), you move your phone or virtual joystick to point the camera. It’s intuitive and looks like fun. The newly edited clip is immediately saved and ready for use.

Quick edit in the Insta360 app

If you prefer, you can allow AI to make the calls for you. Insta360’s algorithm will now handle all of the reframing even faster with improved subject tracking. With a single tap, Deep Track 3.0 will keep your subject in the center of the frame regardless of whether they are a person, animal, or vehicle.

The app also comes with Shot Lab, a collection of more than thirty dramatic effects, including Sky Swap, Electric Surge, and Horizon Flip, that can help make you a viral hit.

If you prefer a desktop workflow, Insta360 has an updated version of Insta360 Studio, a dedicated editing tool for 360-degree footage and standard photos. If you use Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use the new Insta360 Reframe plugin to work with 360-degree footage within Premiere, minimizing exporting while maximizing image quality.

Best of all, the app, the desktop software, and the plugin are all free.

The Insta360 X4 is available now for $499.99 from the Insta360 Official Store, Amazon, and select retailers, including B&H Photo.

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