Rest Your Head on the Awesome Eve Pillow

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Like buying a bed off the internet, the idea of buying a pillow unseen (unslept??) may seem a bit odd at first. That’s why eve mattress takes some amazingly customer-friendly steps with both their mattress and their pillow. The offer free shipping directly to your home and, if you are unhappy and want to return the pillow, you are welcome to do so without it costing you a cent. That’s right, the company is so convinced you will love this pillow that they deliver for free and will cover the cost of returning it if you aren’t 100% happy.

In addition, they guarantee the pillow for three years. As they explain, “If it fails within that time we’ll exchange it for a brand new one. It’s that simple.”


All of that is great but what about actually using the eve pillow to sleep? Well, I’ve been using it since it arrived for review a few weeks ago and I love it. The pillow is large and offers plenty of cushioning. The memory foam shapes to my head making it a comfortable place to rest for the night. At the same time that it molds to my head, it also offers plenty of support. That’s a good combination. In addition, while some memory foam pillows and mattresses can make out feel hot a sweaty the design of the eve pillow actually works to keep things at a comfortable temperature. In short… I’m a fan. So is Raina because after a few nights of my using it, it mysteriously ended up on her side of the bed. You can check it out here.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample


What I Like: Large and comfortable; Molds to your head while also offering plenty of support; Stays cool so you don’t sweat through it

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. Some may want to buy a budget pillow but they aren’t comparing apples to apples (the way eve would?)


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