Aaptiv’s Been My Go-To Fitness App in 2018

Sure, it’s January and you’re probably thinking “nobody keeps their resolutions after February 1st,” but let me just let you know.. that’s absolutely true in many cases. But most of that stems from workouts becoming repetitive, and gyms being overcrowded — discouraging folks with goals in their tunnel vision.

What if I told you there’s an app that’s been helping me get over intimidation from the intimidation of the 6 pm gym session?

Aaptiv’s Been My Go-To Fitness App in 2018

That app is Aaptiv, which is unlike any of the other fitness apps I’ve tried on the market. I won’t lie to you, I’ve used so many different “trials” and fitness trackers and apps it’s unreal. After their one week trial, I typically get bored with the workout or refuse to pay the outrageous amount for someone to tell me to do workouts that I absolutely dread (damn you burpees). But then there’s Aaptiv, an audio fitness app thats main premise is being the coach in your ear, that works with your pace, to help you make those New Year’s Resolutions last past the 31-days most last.

Aaptiv’s Been My Go-To Fitness App in 2018

Coming complete with fitness classes and programs, Aaptiv also has challenges that I’ve actually learned to love, because every day is different, and it’s not structured like most systematic workouts. If you want to work on your legs on a day, you completely can. If you want to do more than the allotted workout for you, be my guest, Aaptiv does it all. With over 2,500 classes on the platform, whether you’re new at working out, or a gym aficionado, Aaptiv will have you breaking sweats and reaching for your water bottle almost instantaneously.

If you have 15 minutes, you can squeeze out a great session that won’t make you feel like you can’t eat on your lunch break, and if you want to go longer you can do that as well. What I love the most though is that the app actually works with the Apple Watch, so I don’t actually need to carry my smartphone with me. Since the app itself is audio based, you can go to the tunes of different playlists from the app itself which is curated by the coach that sponsors the workout. So no more stopping for 5-10 minutes searching for that power song because it’s all there for you. With a quick swipe you can check your workout duration, the calories you burned, and even distances traveled.

If you’re not convinced about Aaptiv already, let me just say this to you: You won’t find another app that has not just one or two but 15 different trainers, both men and women, that are experts in their field, regardless of it being cardio, strength, or meditation. Sure, you can have all of the muscles in the world, but how’s your mental and physical balance? Aaptiv is the most robust fitness app, so much so Apple has sponsored it as a highlighted 2018 app to “get things done”. For only $15 a month, or $99.99 a year, you get unlimited, on-demand classes in everything from running, cycling, elliptical, stair climbing, you name it… it’s there. Why have a trainer hovering over your shoulder guiding you when you can have one on your wrist and phone for a fraction of the price?

For more information, you can download Aaptiv today by clicking here.

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