Polar Announces the New M200 Running and Activity Tracking Watch

The wearables market is becoming as crowded as the starting line at the NYC Marathon, with devices of every price and feature set floating around. Want a heart rate monitor? Need a color screen? A personal coach? Maybe just your steps?

Polar is muscling into the market with their new M200 watch, offering step tracking, GPS run tracking, and heart rate monitoring in an affordable $149 package.

The M200 will do all the usual fitness tracking tricks, like listing your steps and tracking your heart rate. It also has GPS for tracking your runs, as well as Polar’s very well received “Smart Coaching” that will help push your runs to the next level. You can race against yourself, calculate your calorie burn more effectively, and lay out targeted training plans if you have your eye on a specific race.

Personally, the M200 is a bit sporty for an everyday tracker, but it’s certainly nice looking and offers a lot of bang for your buck. It’s very competitive with Garmin at this price, and definitely a better choice for endurance athletes than Fitbit. We’ll have to see how it works in practice, but on paper, Polar has a pretty good device on their hands!

The Polar M200 GPS running watch is coming soon, and you can stay tuned to their site for more details.

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