WaterField Designs Atelier iPad Pro Gear: Elegant and Useful Storage for Your Accessories

Have an iPad Pro? If so, then you probably carry it with you almost all the time. But where do you stow its Pencil? And what do you do with the cable and charger? If you’ve been letting those things rattle around loose in your bag, then you’ll want to check out these beautiful and functional WaterField Atelier Leather Accessories.


I was sent both the Atelier iPad Gear Case and the Atelier iPad Pencil Case. Each is made of beautiful, full-grain leather, and lined with scratch-free, red Ultrasuede. The leather has an amazing, rich smell that really pleases the senses. Let’s take a look!

The WaterField Atelier iPad Pencil Case

If you have an iPad Pencil, then you need a case to keep it in; the $29 Atelier iPad Pencil Case is a classic flap and loop design that measures 7″ long when closed by 1.5″ wide. There is a leather loop that the flap slips under to keep the iPad Pencil tucked securely inside.


On the back, there is a removable metal clip; you can wear your pencil on your belt or clip it inside a bag, or you can remove the metal clip entirely if you want to keep the case in a pants or bag pocket.


Your iPad Pencil will sit safely tucked inside the scratch-free Ultrasuede interior. My only objection to the design is that I wish the branding had either been stamped on the back or a smaller logo had been used, as I like things to be a little less obvious. It’s just a personal quibble, however.

The iPad Pencil Case’s craftsmanship is lovely, and the case will appeal to anyone who likes things that are slightly luxurious (don’t we all?). This Atelier iPad Pencil Case will make a great stocking stuffer for a family member, or it would be a FAB under $35 Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry gift for an office mate.


The WaterField Atelier iPad Gear Case

This gorgeous full-grain leather gear case is perfect for those of you who carry charging cables in addition to your iPad Pencil. Measuring 7.5″ long by 3″ wide by 1.5″ deep, it kind of looks like a custom sunglasses case, possibly handmade.

When you open it up, you see that it is so much more …

The red Ultrasuede-lined interior will softly cradle your iPad Pencil, charger, and cable, and there’s no reason that if you wanted to put your sunglasses inside with your iPad Pencil (instead of a charger and cable), you couldn’t do that. There are two flat pockets on the back wall of the case, which can hold coiled cables or other small items.

The interior is roomy enough that depending on how you do your packing, you may be able to get a lot more than expected inside.

I use this case to carry the Lenovo Yoga Book’s Real Pen (it fits just fine) along with my 12″ MacBook’s Charger, a microUSB cable, the RavPower MacBook charger (it has an extra built-in USB port), a Lightning cable, and a long Type-C cable. Bear in mind that these are all things that used to rattle around at the bottom of my backpack, and now they are safely and neatly contained in the Atelier iPad Gear Case. Don’t let the name limit how you use it!


The leather that each of these cases is made from smells amazing, and the leather will take on a patina showing scratches and other wear the longer you use them: I consider this to be a good thing, as it will personalize these items as mine.

I love keeping my gear protected and organized, and the WaterField Atelier iPad cases help me do just that.

The WaterField Atelier iPad Gear Case retails for $69; the Atelier iPad Pencil Case retails for $29.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Full-grain, premium leather cases with red Ultrasuede protective interiors; Leather smells amazing; Excellent stitching and craftsmanship; The metal pocket clip is removable on the iPad Pencil case; The roomy interior and pockets inside the iPad Gear Case allow it to be configured to suit your needs; Both items would make a great gift

What Needs Improvement: I wish the branding was on the back side of the cases or slightly smaller, but that is a personal preference

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