Simplehuman Trash Can Won’t Waste Your Trash Bag Space

If you have a trash can that you may have picked up at a department store for cheap, only to get it home and realize that not only does it not fit your bags — leaving your trash bags wasted thanks to angled corners and being short at the bottom — you should check out the simplehuman rectangular trash can.

Simplehuman Trash Can Won't Waste Your Trash Bag Space

Made up of stainless steel, the simplehuman 55-liter Liner Rim Rectangular trash can that I received actually makes my kitchen look better. Sitting next to the Dog Food Storage Bin that I previously reviewed, the trash can not only is the smartest trash can I’ve ever used, but the most elegant at that.

Simplehuman Trash Can Won't Waste Your Trash Bag Space

Prior to using the simplehuman trash can, I used your standard old semi-round trash can from Target that while it angled perfectly to sit alongside a wall, I felt there was always a case of me pulling out what I thought was a full bag of trash, only to find out due to the angle of the base of the trash can, my disposables never filled up the entirety of the bag, leaving a wasted bag every single time. Over the course of spending $7-8 for a pack of bags, you kind of grow tired of spending money on bags knowing that you’ll waste them or need to replace them in a month. This hasn’t been the case with simplehuman’s unique rectangle bin. Simplehuman actually included a pack of their trash can liners INSIDE of the trash can which to me sets this trash can apart from the rest in EVERY possible way. Now sure, you think I’m hyping up a trash can right? But let me explain.

Simplehuman Trash Can Won't Waste Your Trash Bag Space

Typically you throw your box of trash bags underneath your sink, rip them out of their packaging like doggy poop bags, fan them open and attempt to fit them over the trash bin liner. The most important step here is having to actually leave the trash can for the trash bags. Why not have the bags INSIDE of the trash can when you need them? This is what a simple human would want right? So simplehuman provides it. On the rear of the trash bin, there’s actually a liner pocket that connects to the inside of the trash can to dispense trash “liners” (bags essentially) for a faster bag change.

Simplehuman Trash Can Won't Waste Your Trash Bag Space

Now while I haven’t tried this out with any other bags than simplehuman’s, I’m certain you can do this with your own third-party trash bags too. But with my newfound love with Amazon Prime, and even bed, Bath and Beyond, I’ve grown accustomed to ordering additional bags if I run low through them. You can actually buy a 60-count of bags for the 55-liter I have for $26.99 on Amazon as of the time of this article. Simplehuman promises that not only will they fit perfectly on the cans, but the bag will also stay completely hidden when the lid is closed. Because face it, having the bag tie showing isn’t the neatest looking thing in the world.

The build of the trash can is the best I’ve seen, so much that I’ve seen places like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond have it front and center on their shelves all throughout Black Friday. But what really caught my eye when I saw it in the store was not just the stainless steel and the fingerprint-proofing, but the actual step pedal. Unlike most trash cans on the market, the step pedal actually extends the full length of the trash can so no matter if you’re cutting up vegetables, you don’t have to physically lift up the trash can with your fingers causing cross-contamination. And even after you’ve lifted your foot off the can, unlike those other brands with similar features, the can doesn’t slam down loudly, I can step back and physically watch it close on its own.

Simplehuman Trash Can Won't Waste Your Trash Bag Space

One thing that’s worth mentioning that is a foresight is if you are not planning on using the liner pocket in the rear, is the gap that will be left empty. If you are throwing food in the trash can there may be nothing there so if something sharp like glass might puncture the bag or stick out a couple inched into that little hole where the extra bags would be. While simplehuman’s bags are a bit more expensive than your typical grocery store bags, one thing’s for certain is they fit all the way to the BOTTOM of the trash bin. And not only that, is that since the bin is rectangular, your bags will be full on all four corners, giving you a full bag of trash to take out. So if you dread having to take out the trash already and don’t want to take a half empty bag out, this is easily the trash can to have. Time will tell how liquids and things thrown in will affect the inside of the trash can from dust, and small particles, but if you are the type to wipe down your stainless steel products, chances are you will do the same with this bin.

Aside from being roughly $180, simplehuman’s trash can is the best value for volume, and I’ve never been concerned about if my trash bag is full before taking it out. Stop buying cheap trash cans that only hold a few gallons of trash that you have to take out daily and invest in something that looks good in your home, and will function the same.

For more information on the simplehuman Rectangular 55-Liter Trash Can, head over to their site today.

Source: Personal purchase

What I Like: Possibly the most unique trash can on the market; trash liner system is an awesome idea

What Needs Improvement: Expensive

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