Mover Kit by Technology Will Save Us: Your Child Can Code from Their Wrist

With technology getting more and more intriguing after each year, families should truly get their children interested in STEM. A startup is attempting to spark the creative minds at an early age through coding and inventing at CES with their Mover Kit, and you should be sure to check it out.

Technology Will Save Us Mover Kit

The startup goes by the name of Technology Will Save Us, will be debuting their Mover Kit, the first active play wearable that teaches kids to make and code on their own. Made for kids ages 8 and over to learn the basic fundamentals of electronics and programming, the Mover Kit also teaches computational thinking by simply having children learn by being active and playing. Using the inspiring “Make” platform, the Mover Kit is as simple as making a LEGO house, all while being smarter and cooler. Reacting to your movement, the Mover Kit can read any function such as when you’re running, dancing, jumping – anything! There’s an infinite way to code, and the Maker Kit uses their unique simple visual coding interface, even allowing you to share it with the community when you’re finished!

Technology Will Save Us Mover Kit

“When designing the world’s first wearable for kids, we wanted to create a fun, do-it-yourself product that encourages creativity along with active play,” said Bethany Koby, co-founder and CEO of Technology Will Save Us. “The beauty of the Mover Kit is that it helps kids to learn and become comfortable with programming while moving and staying active.”

For more information on the Mover Kit by Technology Will Save Us, head over to their site today.

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