The STYR Bottle Tracks Your Daily Consumption of Water

Consuming your daily intake of water can be quite a task if you aren’t drinking specifically out of a bottle measuring them. Sure, you can drink multiple 16 ounce plastic cups daily, but what if you wanted a more accurate estimation of how much H20 you drink? There’s a smart bottle on the market that might be able to help.

The STYR Bottle Tracks Your Daily Consumption of Water

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing out the STYR Bottle by STYR labs, which ascetically looks like a milk jug you’d find at your door step, but just way, way smarter. At $59, it’s certainly not a cheap water bottle, but the purposes that it serves are worth the upcharge. Initially I received a faulty version that worked great out of the box, only to fail 24 hours later, but with a companion STYR app in the App Store with built in customer service, STYR sent out a replacement bottle free of charge that not only works, but keeps me monitoring my daily water consumption.

The STYR Bottle Tracks Your Daily Consumption of Water

Compatible with Bluetooth, the STYR Labs Smart Bottle in a nutshells gives you the ability to monitor your progress of drinking water daily through indicators on the cap, which in turn sync directly to your smartphone, which can be connected to various different third-party apps such as your Withings devices, Alexa, or even Apple’s very own HomeKit. As much as I use Apple’s HomeKit this is a big thing for me because one of the things I forget to log in the most is my actual daily intake because unless I physically write down how many glasses I’ve had, chances are I won’t remember. But now the guesswork is done with the STYR bottles.

The STYR Bottle Tracks Your Daily Consumption of Water

The environmentally friendly water bottle does away with buying various plastic water bottles, as the 16-ounce bottle is made to hold the same amount as a standard water bottle. While it’s heavier than plastic due to its build quality, the STYR is very solid, and hard to misplace or mistake for anything other than a bottle you can transport. The bottom of the bottle threw it off quite a bit as it’s made of a soft rubber material which is usually a good thing, especially considering it will handle well on a flat surface, but with the STYR bottle, I’ve managed to tip it over twice already, luckily the cap was closed due to the edges not being flat on the bottle itself but rounded. The rest of the bottle though is made of stainless Steel, which make the bottle dishwasher friendly. I do advise though (and so does STYR labs) that you do NOT place the cap into the dishwasher.

When you first set up the STYR Bottle, you’re prompted to turn the bottle cap all the way until the display on the cap turns on. Once you’ve done this, you simply download the STYR app, and go over to the menu on the upper left to add a new device. Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on, and the STYR bottle should short up on the screen shortly after. While syncing it doesn’t take long, and you’ll be prompted when the connection is final.

STYR’s app is clear and straight to the point with everything being color coordinated to each particular menu. You can track everything from today’s weather, down to the calories that you’ve burned, and how much fluid you would need for a particular workout. This is handy to know that if you intend on using the bottle at the gym, you can see how much a single workout could use a particular amount of water which is pretty nifty. Being connected with Apple’s HomeKit means that this data is not only translated within the STYR app after synching, but you can add it to MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, and other various fitness trackers if you decide not to stick to using the STYR app, so I appreciate the company making it so you’re not just stuck using their app for everything.

The STYR Bottle Tracks Your Daily Consumption of Water

The biggest highlight (and selling point) of the STYR Bottle that the company wants to push is through their supplement program. At the top of the dashboard you will see three categories: Vitamins, Proteins, and Electrolytes. Each tab gives you recommendations according to the questions that you answer about your day to day lifestyle and give you an estimate of what supplements you’ll need day-to-day. And versus having you go out to a GNC to purchase them, you can actually purchase either of the three categories directly from within the app. Now obviously since the app is free, there would be in-app purchases, and that’s where STYRstands to make their money off their recommendations. A customized multivitamin pack for thirty days will set you back $68. That’s a LOT of coin if you ask me, so I personally took the suggestion by the app, and went to Target and just purchased what I needed. In terms of Electrolytes, a lot of people would probably just go and grab a Gatorade, you can actually purchase electrolytes through the app that are way healthier without the added high fructose corn syrup and cartoonish colors. STYR sends a few testers in the box, and compared to other vitamins and electrolytes I’ve purchased from GNC, they taste WAY better, not bitter or leaving an odd aftertaste in your mouth.

The STYR Bottle Tracks Your Daily Consumption of Water

Overall the STYR has become my new personal gym water bottle, being able to be cleaned quickly on a whim, and durable enough that if it falls off the weight bench, it won’t crack like the Thermos’s bottles, and won’t require buying additional brushes to clean the inside. The supplements are really expensive, considering, but if you just like the ability to know your water intake accurately, and have it sync to your phone directly, this is the bottle you need to check out.


For more information on the STYR Bottle, head over to STYR Labs today.


Source: manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Bottle is super durable, and the app is very user friendly.

What Needs Improvement: Bottle is expensive; vitamins ridiculously expensive.

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