Brewing Beer with the PicoBrew Pico S: Racking, Kegging, and Tasting!

If your countertops are high enough, and you have the room, you can keep your PicoBrew Pico S on the countertop when you aren’t brewing beer, because — on top of being a fab brewing device —it is also a sous vide device. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at sous vide cooking, now is your chance.

But that’s not all the Pico is good for. If you haven’t already checked out the PicoBrew Pico Model C on Kickstarter, you should. Not only is it a less expensive version of the PicoBrew Pico S, there is also a really exciting new PicoStill add-on option.

With PicoStill, any PicoBrew Pico S, Pico Model C, and Zymatic (their professional brew model) can distill hop oils, essential oils, and water. Why is this a big thing?

Hop oils are typically used by commercial breweries to quickly infuse beers with distinct hops aromas and flavors, a process that is often achieved by “dry hopping,” which can take up to a week. However, up until now, hop oils have not been available in smaller quantities for producers who brew small batches of beer. PicoStill makes it possible for any brewer to create their own essential hop oils for use in brewing.

More exciting, if you are a licensed distiller (and you have the proper permits), the PicoStill can also be used to distill small batches of alcohol. Wow.

Licensed and properly permitted craft distillers can also use the PicoStill to produce a wide range of alcohols, including vodka, whiskey, bourbon, moonshine, gin, brandies, schnapps and more. PicoStill operators must act in compliance with their local, state and national laws. As with beer production on PicoBrew devices, compliance with regulation and national and international law is the responsibility of the PicoStill owner.

Side note: I found this site very interesting.

The PicoStill is available for Kickstarter backers for $170 (I backed it!), or you can get one bundled with the Pico Model C for $499. When it hits stores later this fall, the PicoStill will retail for $349.

You can read part one of this post here: Brewing Beer with the PicoBrew Pico: Set-Up and Fermentation

If you purchase a Pico for yourself using the BEERCODE below from, you and I will receive coupons for two free PicoPaks each, good for any of the beers in the entire BrewMarketplace online store!


The PicoBrew Pico S retails for $799, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers including Amazon [affiliate link]. The PicoStill and PicoBrew Pico Model C are available at discounted prices right now on Kickstarter

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Almost everything is included so that you can confidently begin brewing your own beer, right on your kitchen counter; You can buy PicoPaks that are custom-made by you or that have recipes from popular breweries ready for you to try; The included manual is clear and easy to follow; You do not need to have any experience to use the Pico — you just have to be able to follow instructions; There is a less expensive PicoBrew Pico Model C available on Kickstarter; The PicoBrew Pico S can be used to sous vide; There is an add-on PicoStill if you’d like to distill your own hop oils, essential oils, and water; If you have the proper licensing, you can use the PicoStill to distill alcohol (!!)

What Needs Improvement: I do wish that the included user manual was more heavy-duty as it will eventually get wet; The up-front cost of the PicoBrew Pico S is prohibitive

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