PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case for the iPhone 6 Plus: Bright and Loaded

I like the freedom a battery case can provide–no need to carry a separate power pack, and no need for connecting cables–but using one does add some extra weight and bulk to the already large-ish iPhone 6 Plus. Can 4300mAh and a lovely metallic blue cover make up for it? The PhoneSuit Elite Pro sure tries!

PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case for the iPhone 6 Plus: Bright and Loaded

Included in the package are the battery case, a microUSB charger, and an audio jack extender.

The PhoneSuit Elite Pro is available in a metallic black or the lovely metallic blue I was sent; both are covered in a soft-touch material that doesn’t show fingerprints as easily as a smooth case might, and the case is made of polycarbonate composite. All the corners are round and smooth, and the case feels good in hand. Measuring approximately 6.75″ long x 3.25″ wide x 0.5″ thick and weighing 5 ounces, the PhoneSuit looks similar to other battery cases we’ve reviewed, but there are a few pleasant surprises.

PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case for the iPhone 6 Plus: Bright and Loaded

Instead of using the typical mechanical buttons to check the battery level and to power on or off the battery, the PhoneSuit uses capacitive touch button controls.

“Control & Power your Elite 6 Plus PRO Battery Case with dual touch button controls. The capacitive touch buttons have no moving parts and are extremely durable. The end result is a sleek and seamless iPhone case appearance. Simply touch the left side for 1 second to check the battery status. Touch both the left and right side for 3 seconds to start or stop iPhone charging.”

It’s not a huge deal, but it does make the battery case seem a bit more advanced (futuristic, possibly?) than the others I’ve used.

Inserting the iPhone into the PhoneSuit is as easy as popping off the top and sliding the mobile into the cradle, seating the Lightning connector into the device. I like this method better than having to remove the entire bezel as some battery packs require; it seems like there is less to break or go wrong this way.

PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case for the iPhone 6 Plus: Bright and Loaded

The PhoneSuit covers the power and volume buttons, so they are replaced with matching blue buttons. The mute switch is left open; those with larger thumbs may have a bit of difficulty flipping it, but if you have a bit of fingernail, you’ll manage. The microphone on the bottom is left open, and there is a microUSB connector next to it; you can sync the iPhone and charge it through this port.

The headphone jack is recessed, so unless you have a very long and skinny connector on your headphones, you’ll need the included adapter. There is a metal screen over the speaker port, and while it doesn’t amplify the phones sound, it doesn’t muffle it in any way, either.

Of course, the most important thing is what’s inside. The iPhone 6 Plus has a 2915mAh battery, and the PhoneSuit Pro has a 4300mAh battery, which makes it almost 150% larger. This should be enough to get you through the longest day and the heaviest use.

“Smart Power Management prioritizes and manages power delivery to your iPhone 6 Plus. Features include pass-through charging, prioritized charging and automatic-off when the iPhone reaches 100%.”


“The PhoneSuit Elite’s custom high density lithium-ion polymer cell and advanced chipset can deliver high conversion efficiency when providing power to your iPhone. With PhoneSuit’s large internal capacity, that’s more than enough to assure your iPhone always has the power it needs.”

PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case for the iPhone 6 Plus: Bright and Loaded

There are five LEDs to indicate charging status and remaining charge.

You can check the battery status by pressing the left side of the black battery meter strip on the back of the case, and you can turn the power on to charge your iPhone by holding the left and right sides for three seconds; the same touch turns it off again.

PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case for the iPhone 6 Plus: Bright and Loaded

The PhoneSuit Elite Pro looks good, has an extra-large capacity, is easy to install and remove, and it will get you through the longest day. If you don’t like carrying a spare battery, this is the way to go. And, if you want something a little bit slimmer, there is also a 3000mAh PhoneSuit Elite battery case available, but I believe that you should go large or go home! 🙂

The PhoneSuit Elite Pro for the iPhone 6 Plus retails for $109.95, and it is available in black or blue metallic directly from the manufacturer and other retailers. You can also get a PhoneSuit Elite for most other iPhone versions if you haven’t yet upgraded.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Available in metallic black or metallic blue (which is lovely); Large 4300mAh capacity; Capacitive touch battery indication/On/Off; Included audio jack extender; Easy to install or remove.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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