Introducing Bamboozle’s Kitchen & Home Products

Chances are you’re in the house a bit more these days due to COVID-19; with that extra time, why not cook for yourself instead of ordering from DoorDash or UberEats? And there’s no better way to enjoy the time in your kitchen then with Bamboozle.

Introducing Bamboozle’s Kitchen & Home Products

Bamboozle makes responsibly made products that put the environment first but are more than sustainable for your home & kitchen. The company says:

Our mission is to bring a unique perspective to the market with products that are practical, affordable, and beautifully designed. Bamboozle’s collection is not only fashionable, it is a sensible and convenient step towards green living. With Bamboozle you no longer have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

We are committed to delivering quality products with the least impact on the planet and its people. To meet this commitment, all of our items are made from reclaimed, renewable, and biodegradable materials.

Introducing Bamboozle’s Kitchen & Home Products

Bamboozle sent me their Nesting Bowl set to check out, and over the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed meal prepping, mixing, and serving meals in them. Available in a 4-piece or a 7-piece set, I received the latter and they’ve been absolutely fantastic. Made of biodegradable bamboo fiber, each bowl is completely dishwasher safe and BPA free. Compared to the typical Stainless-steel mixing/serving bowls I’ve used in the past, Bamboozle’s set doesn’t stain nearly as easily, and after multiple uses have not shown signs of wear and tear, As a bonus, they happened to go very well with our kitchen. Not only do the nesting bowl set look warm and inviting, but they also do a great job holding your ingredients.

Introducing Bamboozle’s Kitchen & Home Products

If you’re tired of replacing those plastic bowls every few months, take a look at Bamboozle. Their products are absolutely fantastic to use, the material is super light, and they don’t come with all of those harmful materials you’d get from plastic. You can check them-it for yourself by visiting Bamboozle’s site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Sustainable products that are dishwasher friendly and not harmful for the environment

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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