This Leather iPhone 7 Case Is Totallee the Thinnest on the Market

If you’re looking for a leather case for your iPhone 7 Plus that won’t add unnecessary bulk to your smartphone, look no further than the Ultra-Thin Leather case from Totallee.

This Leather iPhone 7 Case Is Totallee the Thinnest on the Market

At only $29 for an iPhone case, you might possibly consider the likes of bulkier cases that promise bells and whistles like ten foot drop protection and raised lips, but in many cases, us iPhone users just want to show off our phones in a slim case that will protect from the hairline scratches and fingerprints.

That’s exactly what the Leather Case by Totallee will do for you. Marketed as the thinnest leather iPhone case on the market, I can comfortably tell you that it is. I can also tell you this, it’s a fraction of the price cheaper than Apple’s very own, and does one thing that I’ve always hated that Apple’s does not – cover the bottom of the iPhone. At 0.02″ thin, when I’m not in the mood to throw my phone in the typical LifeProof that I have it in, it’s in the Totallee case.

This Leather iPhone 7 Case Is Totallee the Thinnest on the Market

There’s no fancy wallet functionality to the case at all, but despite that, the lambskin leather material is very solid, and yes, it smells like leather-bound books if you’re a fan of Ron Burgundy. With ample enough space for the camera cutout, and exposed volume and power buttons, you’ll never get frustrated with not being able to properly press the buttons when you need to. I had one friend of mine actually ask if I added a leather skin to my iPhone because it looked complete with my phones matte Black finish as if I had a third party company paint it for me. But instead of ruining my warranty, I actually got the black finished leather which I hope the company eventually puts out in a brown or tan color like they display on their website).

This Leather iPhone 7 Case Is Totallee the Thinnest on the Market

Once concern I do have about not just the leather case by Totallee, but with all of Totallee’s cases is that if you frequently take the case on and off as much as I do (for reviews and just because you like variety) is that since it’s so thin, will the case eventually crack or tear if you continuously put the case on and take it off again. I’ve already removed the case six times in the past month, just to try out other cases, or when I’ve placed the LifeProof back on for the beach for water protection) and it’s held up pretty strong. Despite that, I do wish that the lip was a bit raised in the event there was a drop out of pocket, but if you have a glass screen protector, you’ll be fine enough. It will protect from those little scratches a naked phone would receive, but I wouldn’t advise dropping the case from more than waist height.

This Leather iPhone 7 Case Is Totallee the Thinnest on the Market

Overall, there’s no thinner iPhone leather case on the market that checks all of the boxes for me in full body coverage, slimness, and yes even smell like the Totallee Leather case. For more information on purchasing one for yourself, head over to Totallee’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slim profile; The smell of the leather ; The price you can’t beat at $29.00

What Needs Improvement: Virtually no real drop protection

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