Add Some Variety to Your Standing Desk with Fully’s Anti-Fatigue Topo Mat

As an owner of a standing desk, chances are there are actual cases where you will be standing for long periods of time, typing your life away. The surface beneath your feet can eventually hurt your feet, so why not get yourself a nice floor mat? Fully’s got your back in this regard.

Add Some Variety to Your Standing Desk with Fully's Anti-Fatigue Topo Mat

If you read my previous review of the Fully Standing Desk or even the Tic Toc Chair, you might think it’s a bit odd I enjoy sitting at my standing desk. In the times I am actually standing, however, I use Fully’s Topo Mini Anti-Fatigue Mat. What you’re standing on is very important, and with the Topo Mat I receive, there’s never a moment where I don’t get relief from standing at my desk, typing away articles.

Add Some Variety to Your Standing Desk with Fully's Anti-Fatigue Topo Mat

With the Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat, you get a full range of motion from you typically would not get from just standing on a flat surface. I’ve even found myself doing exercises while at my standing desk that I wouldn’t even think of normally due to the Topo Mat having an infinite amount of positions for you to move and posture yourself, all while being productive.

When in use, the Topo Mat is actually super comfortable. My first initial concern when unboxing was actually that it looked pretty slick, and when wearing socks, if I moved around too much on it, I could slip if I moved the wrong way, but there’s enough grip on both the top of the mat, as well as on the bottom that it does not slide on either my hardwood floor or when it’s in my spare bedroom.

Add Some Variety to Your Standing Desk with Fully's Anti-Fatigue Topo Mat

You can tell they put a lot of thought into the Topo Mat just by the grooves and its overall design. Having some cushion can only go so far, but I can tell you straight up that the Topo Mat is not too firm or too soft; instead it sits in that sweet spot of comfort where you won’t notice that you’ve been standing for an hour on it until you actually go from the mat itself back to the floor that it sits on top of.

The best way to sum up the overall feel of the Topo Mat for me is about the same way I like my mattresses. I don’t want to sink into bed, but I also don’t want to feel as though where I’m sleeping is too hard. The Topo Mat manages to do this perfectly, generating a comfort that I haven’t seen many other standing desk companies offer.

Add Some Variety to Your Standing Desk with Fully's Anti-Fatigue Topo Mat

I’ve found that I stand a total of three different ways when typing with the Topo Mat. The first being on my tiptoes at the very back of the mat. When I’m not doing that I stand flat-footed. When I’m hard at work, I stand with my feet planted with the oval centered in the middle. I tend to shift and slide my feet a bit in this position which is fine, but after a while, I just end up going back to standing at the back of the mat. When I am done using the mat, I simply slide the mat back under the desk and sit the Tic-Toc Chair on top of it for easy stowing, and since everything matches, it doesn’t ruin the décor of any room that I put it in.

Add Some Variety to Your Standing Desk with Fully's Anti-Fatigue Topo Mat

Being able to sit or stand whenever I choose is great, and if I had to choose between the Topo Mat or the Tic-Toc Chair, I’d have to say I’d probably get the mat first. The reason is that although the chair is awesome, the entire point of a standing desk is to actually stand.

Prior to receiving a standing desk, I averaged about five hours sitting each day, even though my Apple watch calculates differently.

Now with the Topo Mat, I’ve found myself not only being able to be more active while writing, but I also don’t get that sense of boredom I once did sitting on the couch or at a desk typing for extended periods. So If you’ve been thinking of getting yourself a standing desk, none of them would be complete without having a companion Anti-Fatigue mat.

Add Some Variety to Your Standing Desk with Fully's Anti-Fatigue Topo Mat

The Fully Topo Mat sells for $89; it is available directly from the manufacturer. Update: 05/25/23: A similar mat can be found for $99 on Amazon.

 05/25/23: This note is now on Fully’s Home Page –

At Fully, we like to keep people in motion. Now we’re the ones moving — from this point forward, our furniture and accessories will be sold exclusively through Herman Miller and Design Within Reach. We hope to see you there!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The mat is comfortable in every position; Gives you the ability to stand for long periods; Various colors to match any desk style

What Needs Improvement: The price could be a hindrance at $89.00

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