The Ring Video Doorbell Pro Is the Doorbell Every Home Deserves

Ring’s app is abundant with features as well. Within the app, you can set custom motion zones. This allows you to customize the areas of your yard that you want to receive notifications about if there is motion.   Within the app, you can look at the live view of your yard, check recent motion alerts, check your Ring’s device health, and manage shared users. You can also add videos to your Ring Neighborhood. The Ring Neighborhood is a repository of videos that aims to help your neighbors keep track of strange activity in order to spot and report it.

Check out some screenshots from the app, below:

The Ring App also allows your Ring to play nice with other smart home products such as locks, lights, and hubs like ADT Pulse, Wemo, Lockstate, Smartlink, Kevo, Wink, Kisi, and Lockitron. Ring’s Cloud Video Recording service starts at $3/month (or $30/year) and allows you to keep all of your Ring-recorded videos in the cloud for up to 60 days, share videos with friends and law enforcement, and much more.

Check out some screenshots from the app during installation, below:

Installation of the Ring Pro was super easy! Luckily I already had a hardwired doorbell and compatible transformer, so all I had to do was remove my old doorbell and wire the new Ring Pro to my existing bell and wiring, and boom, the Ring Pro was ready to use under 10 minutes. Plus, the Ring Pro comes with all the tools, screws, etc. you’ll need to install the doorbell.  Check out my installation video, below!

Ring also has the Ring Chime Pro, which extends the chime sound that the Ring doorbell makes.   You can install the Chime Pro in the basement, connect it to your WiFi network, and the Chime Pro will ring when your doorbell is pressed. Also, the Chime Pro works as a WiFi extender too! The Chime Pro can also be setup in the Ring app along with your Ring Pro doorbell. The Chime Pro rounds out an already excellent doorbell security system.

Although the Ring Pro sometimes sends false motion alerts, it’s usually on-point with its alerts. The video quality is very good, although not as perfect as advertised, and the two-way talk feature comes in handy very often. We’ve been so happy with the Ring that we’ve already subscribed to the Cloud Video Recording service.

If you’re in the market for an excellent smart doorbell or an add-on to your existing security system, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an excellent choice. At $249 for the doorbell and $49 for the Chime Pro, you’ll be well on your way to that warm, fuzzy safe and sound feeling.

You can purchase the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the Ring Chime directly from Ring at

Source:  The Ring Video Doorbell Pro was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like:  Very easy installation; Feature-full app interface; Easy to use; Great addition to any home’s security; Good video and audio quality; Customizable motion sensors

What Needs Improvement:  Motion sensors can be a bit too sensitive


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