The WaterField Air Porter and Air Caddy Are Great… but Is WaterField Making a Mistake?

The front of the bag has a large pocket protected by a magnetically secured flap. Lifting it reveals a pocket that is sized to hold the Air Caddy and a smaller zippered pocket that is perfect for a passport and other small materials that need to be secure but accessible.

Between the zipper and the flap that hides it, I think you can be confident your items stay safe and secure.

On the back of the bag is a trolley strap that can slide over the handle of your rollaboard making it easier to wind your way through the chaos of the airport.

On either side of the bag, you will find an expandable water bottle holder. When not in use they can be collapsed and secured thanks to the strategically placed snap. Why would Waterfield put not one but two water bottle pockets? Well, for started it’s important to stay hydrated while you travel but, more than likely, the company realized that, when traveling, you want to have both a water bottle and a small collapsible umbrella within reach. With two pockets available you can do just that.

The main storage area of the Air Porter opens to reveal plenty of space for all the items you need on a trip. A light, contrasting colored material is used on the interior. This makes it easier to find the items you have placed inside.

There are a key tether, ample small pockets and a large space for more bulky items. It is enough organization to ensure you keep things organized but not so much as to make it confusing or, as I have seen on some bags, you are left with little space for larger items.

The other side of the bag also unzips. This reveals a TSA-Friendly padded laptop compartment that is secured with a telco-enhanced strap of material and additional pockets for items such as cables and laptop charging bricks.

It is large enough to accommodate a 15” MacBook Pro.

This area opens fully so you can lay the bag flap and run it through the X-ray machine without needing to remove the laptop.

One example of just how much thought Waterfield put into this bag can be seen in the cutout at the top of the laptop pocket. This cutout is in the exact location of the USB-C charging port on my MacBook Pro. It means I can charge the laptop without needing to remove it.

It is details like this that make Waterfield bags worth their not-insignificant price.

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