Punch Bowl Austin Review: Can VR Gaming Work While Dining?

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Punch Bowl Austin Review: Can VR Gaming Work While Dining? Listen to this article

Kev and Chloe had some serious score competitions while playing.

Punch Bowl Austin Review: Can VR Gaming Work While Dining?

While playing the VR games, you might be concerned that you’ll get super excited and come crashing down on the rest of your party as they’re trying to enjoy their dinner. Not so. Inside the VR game you’re playing, there is a type of geofencing that you can both see and feel; it keeps you from ending up in anyone’s lap.

There’s a timer to the left of the television that counts down showing the time you have left, and we had so much fun that the time seemed to fly!

At one point, Kev decided he wanted to go play some of the vintage arcade games. Punch Bowl Social has it set up so that you pay your money and in return, you receive a card to use for the video games. Kev spent $5, and that equaled 10 plays in the arcade; he had fun playing Galaga and Millipede.

Punch Bowl Austin Review: Can VR Gaming Work While Dining?

When we were ready to go, Kev still had 6 game credits left on his card, so we gave it to a family in the arcade. Which brings me to the next point — Punch Bowl Social is themed like an adult playland, but it is also family friendly. We saw plenty of kids 10 and up, teens, as well as adults enjoying themselves.

The most expensive thing we had was the punch bowl for 8, which was $72. Our hummus was $8, the fries were $9, and the chicken platter was $45. Kev also had a glass of Malbec for $8, which brought our food and drink total to $153.72. It was an additional $45 for an hour in the VR Bazaar. Considering that we had a huge dinner, all the drinks we wanted, and an hour playing VR games, the roughly $200 price seemed very reasonable.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Punch Bowl Social. Between the VR, bowling, myriad of activities, food, and drinks, Punch Bowl Social offers a fun and unique night out for a date or a group. Punch Bowl Social currently has locations all around the US, and they offer the VR Bazaar in Denver and Austin, with a Brooklyn location coming in the summer. If you’re located near one, we recommend you check it out for yourselves.

Disclosure: Punch Bowl Social paid for our meal; there were no conditions or expectations made regarding what I chose to write about regarding my experience.

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