Speck Delivers Something New with Their Presidio Mount

I love the wireless charging of the iPhone X. I love the protection offered by Speck’s various cases. And I love that Speck is now bringing an iPhone case to market that works with Scosche’s MagicMount line of products that offers zero interference with the wireless charging. The Presidio Mount was created in partnership with Scosche and looks great!

Speck Delivers Something New with Their Presidio Mount

The Presidio Mount is a new endeavor for Speck. It has two steel plates embedded in between the case’s two layers. The plates are positioned in a way that it allows the case to work with the Scosche’s MagicMounts and still charge wirelessly.

As Speck explains:

Traditionally, magnetic phone mounts require the user to adhere metal plates to their phone, install the plates between their phone and case or apply the plate directly to the back of their case. Presidio MOUNT offers a welcome alternative with two steel plates strategically positioned and embedded between the case’s two layers of protection. This eliminates the need for the user to install metal plates and ensures the phone is securely mounted. Because they are embedded, the metal plates aren’t visible and won’t blemish the device, and they are pre-installed at the optimal position to prevent wireless charging interference.

Speck Delivers Something New with Their Presidio Mount

The Presidio MOUNT still offers all the protection we have come to expect from the company. It offers two-layer protection to prevent damage from everyday drops, up to 10 feet. The exterior of the case is a polycarbonate shell that disperses shock and protects the phone. That, however, is just layer one. As we have seen with other Presidio cased, it has an inner layer made of IMPACTIUM, a dynamic rubber that absorbs and disperses shock on impact. This specialized material is formed into ridges on the inside of the case’s perimeter. The result is what Speck refers to as an “IMPACTUM Shock Barrier.” The result is that if the case is dropped the ridges compress and absorb and disperse shock.

Speck Delivers Something New with Their Presidio Mount

All of this would be true for any of the Presidio cases. This case, as we have seen, however, is different. The plates inside work with Scosche’s magnetic, cradle-free MagicMount family of mounts. The result is an easy, secure hold on your device when you drive or work at your desk. It is s seamless way to hold and, depending on the MagicMount, charge, your device.

There is a Presidio MOUNT for the wide range of iPhones. Obviously, the charging solution will only work with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X. The Presidio MOUNT for iPhone 8 and iPhone X will be $44.95. The iPhone 8 Plus version will be $49.95. All will be available in February. Check them out here.


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