Western Digital Unveils New Storage Solutions

Western Digital introduces their new offerings noting they are geared to “help people capture, preserve, access and share their ever-growing collections of photos and videos.” That is just the beginning as they are also “showcasing voice-activated media streaming via smart home devices.” Their latest also includes the world’s smallest 1TB USB Flash Drive and much more. Let’s dive in.

Western Digital products are sold under both the SanDisk and WD brands. Their portfolio of devices is extensive enough that there is something to meet pretty much an and every storage need. Despite a growing reliance on the cloud, the need for their products is greater than ever. As Dinesh Bahal, vice president of product management, Client Solutions, Western Digital observes:

Our lives are increasingly connected to and enriched by pictures, videos, music and ideas. From the parent filming a school recital on their smartphone to the drone enthusiast or pro photographer, our range of consumer solutions are designed to help everyone preserve, access and share their digital world.

Included in their new offerings are:

Western Digital Unveils New Storage Solutions

The My Cloud Home

A voice-activated media streaming device, the My Cloud Home device gives you a central location to capture, preserve and organize content. The My Cloud Home device now works with popular smart home devices that support Amazon 8k services. This results in the ability to access stored music collection via voice commands. The My Cloud Home app also works with Google Chromecast technology creating the ability to stream home videos, TV shows, and movies on the big screen using Chromecast-enabled Smart TVs.

Western Digital Unveils New Storage Solutions

The World’s Smallest 1TB USB Device

Western Digital has constantly broken boundaries about storage and speed. That continues with a 1TB USB Type-C flash device that is capable of storing a huge amount of content in a small package.

Western Digital Unveils New Storage Solutions

The SanDisk Ultra Fit

They are also showing off the world’s smallest 256GB USB flash drive. The 256GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive is a low-profile USB drive for those who access to more photos, videos, games and audio files on their notebooks, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles and car audio systems. 256GB means users can store and access approximately, 14,000 photos, 10 hours of full HD video, 16,000 songs and STILL have 64GB available for various files.

Western Digital Unveils New Storage Solutions

My Passport Wireless SSD

The My Passport Wireless SSD is targeted to photographers and drone enthusiasts. Such uses require durable and high-performance media capture solutions, and Western Digital is delivering exactly that with two portable SSDs. The My Passport Wireless SSD features one-touch card copy. This makes it possible to edit and share content no matter where you are. It also has a new capability that allows direct access to third-party mobile creative apps, like FiLMiC Pro and LumaFusion.

Western Digital Unveils New Storage Solutions

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Finally, there is the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is a speedy solution for those needing to save and edit hi-res photos and videos on-the-go.

All of this is important because, as the company explains,

Smartphones, drones, action cameras and virtual reality (VR) goggles are capturing and creating rich content that users want to access and share with friends and followers alike. Innovations in multi-lens cameras, 8K video, 5G wireless, VR, augmented reality (AR) and video streaming are enabling more immersive experiences. As a result, consumers are looking for easier ways to capture, preserve, access and share their personal content as it becomes richer and more robust.

We’re hoping to take a closer look at many of the products in the weeks and months to come. Until then, check out all of Western Digital’s offerings here.

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