One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s… Trash Compactor?

The Titan Trash Compactor by Joseph Joseph is everything you’ll love from a standard trash can, with an additional solution to making full use of the trash bag that you insert in it.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s... Trash Compactor?

Now prior to the Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor that I received, I had a regular trash can that’s door opened and closed, you threw your items in it, and when it was full, you simply took the trash out. The issue with that method is when I pulled the bag out, there was always way too much space remaining in the bag, making waste of a bag. That’s not the case anymore.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s... Trash Compactor?

The Titan is a 30-liter trash can that’s premise is as simple as any other trash can, with the addition of a hands-free compactor that pushes your waste further down in the bag, making space for more trash. How this works is pretty interesting, using a simple gesture up on the silver level and then a press down, I found that it handles most trash well, with the exception being things such as bottles. While this isn’t a true trash compactor, it does it’s best at smashing garbage to smithereens, all without tearing the lining of your bag.

With an anti-tear design you wrap your trash bag around the orange flaps on either ends of the Titan, push the inside of the bag down to ensure it touches the bottom of the container evenly, and then start depositing the garbage you have. Once you’re set up, you can comfortably start pushing down as your trash reaches the top. Pulling the bag out is easy as well, no need to adjust your lining as it’s already been adjusted prior.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s... Trash Compactor?

Overall I think the Titan is pretty awesome. I would personally love a bit more of a storage capacity for the trash as it feels a bit tight, but it’s small enough for my kitchen to not feel industrial, and the compactor hinge isn’t obstructive at all. That being said, the price is high. At $200 it’s not the cheapest, but like all of Joseph Joseph’s products, they are more than practical, serve a purpose other than it’s intended use, and will last you years, backed with a guarantee.

For more information on the titan Trash Compactor, head over to their site today.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: Compactor does end up saving you on the cost of the wasting valuable space in your trash bags

What Needs Improvement: I would like to see a larger trash can capacity with the same capabilities

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