Norshire 4-in-1 Kit: It’s a Car Wash Kit, Jump Starter, Warning Sign, and a Power Bank!

We’re all used to convergent devices performing multiple duties versus needing separate devices for each job these days, and Norshire appears to be a product built on that premise. The kit can be used to power-wash your car, jump-start your car, serve as a warning sign when needed, and it can also function as a super-sized power bank.

Made to be compact enough to keep in your trunk, Norshire says that they can save you up to $500 a year on car washes and jump-service calls per year. Check out the video …

The standard Norshire kit includes the 11000mAh lithium battery Norshire battery unit, a 5v USB cable for charging, a 5mm outlet hose, a 1.5m inlet hose, a high-pressure washer gun, jump starter clamps, a foaming bottle, a long brush for washing your car., and a user guide.

So whether you are jump-starting a dead battery …

“Norshire’s jump starter capabilities are so powerful it can jump start most car types in the market up to 30 times when fully charged. Norshire’s built-in rechargeable lithium battery produces a max current output of 400A and requires no external power to function.”

… power-washing your car (or something else)  …

“Norshire has three preset modes so you can easily switch from spray gun mode for different kinds of cleaning scenarios. The CPU can intelligently Norshire has three preset modes so you can easily switch from spray gun to spray brush to the high-pressure mode for different kinds of cleaning scenarios. The CPU can intelligently control the power system and high-pressure pump, which ensures a high pressure and stable water flow. You won’t even need a faucet or electricity outlet to operate Norshire thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery that powers your wash for up to one hour once fully charged. All you need is a bottle of water or a bucket to get your car back to a clean and shiny state anytime, anywhere.

… or using the Norshire to power your electronics when you are away from a regular plug, you’re covered.

It’s not just when washing your car that the power-washer will come in handy — Norshire also “doubles as a great gardening tool or power-wash house cleaner.” The device is made of ABS material, it is “resistant to shock and high temperature, and because of its sealing structure, “it can also effectively avoid leaks”. Norshire has a built-in voice indicator to alerts you of its “battery status and whether it’s charging”.

And if you are ever stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow or changing a tire, you can flip Norshire on its side to display the reflective warning triangle for safety.

If this sounds like a tool that you’d like to add to your arsenal, the Norshire will be launching on Indiegogo today — starting at just $99. I’ll have one in for review soon, and I look forward to seeing how it performs.

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