iCharge Pro Cable Brings Magnetic Versatility to Your Device Charging

One of the things that I used to love about MacBooks was their MagSafe charger; it would quickly and easily plug in, and if someone jerked the cable while you were working, it would simply disconnect from the port without sending your expensive laptop clattering to the floor. The iCharge Pro Cable uses a similar idea, but it works with USB Type-C, Apple Lightning, and MicroUSB mobile devices.

iCharge Pro Cable Brings Magnetic Versatility to Your Device Charging

The iCharge Pro Cable features a 6′ long military-grade wear-resistant nylon braided cable that is anti-fray and table-resistant. On one end, there is a USB Type-A plug. On the other end, instead of the typical USB Type-C, Apple Lightning, or MicroUSB plug, there is a round magnetic module. This module can rotate 180º degrees, and it has a blue LED built into the end to indicate when the cable is receiving power (it’s also handy for finding the cable end in the dark). Included in the package is a rubber organizer that clips onto the cable. In it, there are separate plugs that will fit all three popular mobile device charging ports.

iCharge Pro Cable Brings Magnetic Versatility to Your Device Charging

The idea here is that you can plug the power-receiving end of the cable into a USB Type-A port and use the same cable with multiple devices.

You can opt to leave the proper tip plugged into the end of your device for quick and easy connections, which is especially useful if you have multiple cables for use in your car, office, and on your bedside table, for instance. Leaving the plug in your phone’s charging port has a side benefit of reducing wear and tear on the device’s port, and it also keeps dirt, lint, and other pocket debris from being able to invade.

The iCharge Pro Cable has a magnet in its steel round end that will snap right onto the tip plugged into your phone from any angle; the steel tip is also magnetized, so the bond is strong. This means no more fumbling to connect the cable to your phone’s port, and because the magnetic tip on the cable can rotate 180º, it makes for easy handheld use when gaming or watching media. If you only have one cable, you can easily remove the plug from your phone’s charging port so that your phone will work with other cables and external battery packs when you aren’t using the iCharge Pro Cable. If you need to remove the tip, you can securely store on the cable in the included rubber organizer until the next time it’s needed.

If you opt to leave a tip plugged into your device at all times, and your device happens to be Qi-enabled, you can still safely use wireless charging with the plug installed.

iCharge Pro Cable Brings Magnetic Versatility to Your Device Charging

Keeping an iCharge Pro Cable in your vehicle is an excellent idea if you regularly carry passengers who use various devices. With it, you’ll always have a spare cable with the right tips available — make sure that you remember to ask them to remove the plug before they leave, though. 😉

The iCharge cable doesn’t just charge your device; it also works for data transfer. I tested it with my iPad and iMac, and it worked perfectly. So if you are used to backing up your iPhone to your computer, for instance, you’ll still be able to do that. The iCharge Pro Cable delivers a maximum of 2.4A, so while it will charge faster than a conventional 1A cable, it isn’t a PD cable; you shouldn’t expect the fastest charging from it for your devices that support PD.  If you are used to carrying a bunch of cables with you when you travel, but you only need to charge one device at a time, the iCharge Pro Cable would be a great option to keep in your travel bag. It a little long for some uses, but it is especially convenient beside the bed — especially if you like to read or catch up on emails before crashing. The magnetic tip makes the connection from the cable to the device easier to manage for people with bad eyesight and shaky hands, so it makes an excellent option for the elderly or disabled, too.

If you want the ease of a magnetic connection on your mobile device, or if you have multiple devices that use multiple port connections, the iCharge Pro Cable is a great way to make sure that you always have the right cable with you.
The iCharge Pro Cable retails for $17.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Works with just about any device, as it has connection plugs for Type-C, MicroUSB, and Lightning; All the plugs can be stored securely in the rubber organizer which clips onto the cable; Great for keeping in the car and for travel; Cable is long, so it is perfect for use beside the bed; The tip of the cable rotates 180º for more comfortable to use when watching media or when gaming with the phone in landscape mode — there’s no long cable end sticking out for several inches that you have to manage; Magnetic connection makes for an easy way to plug-in for people who struggle to connect their devices for whatever reason; Leaving the plug inside your device’s port doesn’t hamper Qi charging; The long-lasting cable is designed not to tangle or fray

What Needs Improvement: 2.4A is way faster than 1A charging, but don’t expect PD speeds

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