The Rockwell Chrome Series Double Edge Razor Is an Affordable Luxury

The Rockwell Chrome Series Razor is a reincarnation of Rockwell’s popular Stainless Steel 6S razor made with a more budget-friendly material without losing any of the style and functionality Rockwell fans have come to expect.  This modern take on the classic safety razor, an adjustable razor that can be used on all faces, can be pre-ordered now starting at $25.

The Rockwell Chrome Series razors are made with a chromed zinc alloy, which is very durable, however slightly less durable than the Rockwell 6S, which is made of stainless steel.  The Chrome Series razors are available in two finishes:  White Chrome (pictured in this review) and Gunmetal.  The Chrome Series features adjustable sizing plates, a knurled handle for a secure grip while wet shaving, as well as a hefty weight and perfect balance that feels great in your hand while shaving.

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The Rockwell Chrome Series has two models for your choosing:  The 2C and the 6C.  The 2C will set you back $25, while the 6C will set you back $45.  Both razors can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo with an estimated delivery of March, 2017.  As a cost comparison, the stainless steel Rockwell 6S costs $99.99.  With the same functionality, this makes the Rockwell 6C a great value.


The difference between the 2C and the 6C is that the 6C comes with three swappable plates, allowing for six levels of adjustment, while the 2C only comes with one plate, or two levels of adjustment.  The adjustability comes from the shape of the different plates, ranging from R1-R6.  The shape of each plate forces the double edge blade to bend at a different angle, which is what provides a personalized shave.

The image below will give you a better idea of the Rockwell plate options and recommended uses for each plate:


Image courtesy of Rockwell


Image courtesy of Rockwell

I started shaving with the R1 plate, as I have sensitive skin, but I was mainly nervous about cutting myself.  I found that the R1 plate did not give me a close enough shave, so I switched to the R3 plate and have been happy shaving with it for almost 2 months now.  I may even move up to the R6 plate to see if I can get any closer of a shave now that I’m more used to double edge shaving.  There is definitely a learning curve when switching from cartridge shaving to double edge shaving, but now I find shaving with a double edge razor easier.


In addition to the ease of shaving, double edge razor blades cost a fraction of what cartridge razor refills cost.  Each double edge razor costs about 10 cents, while cartridge refills can cost between $1-$5 depending on the brand and model.  Over the course of many years of shaving, depending on how often you shave, you would save many hundreds of dollars shaving with double edge razors.  The tricky part is once you’re hooked on double edge shaving, not spending too much money on accessories and fancy soaps, just ask the guys over at /r/wicked_edge.

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Overall, I’ve been impressed with the build quality and adjustability of the Rockwell 6C.  It shaves like an expensive, precision-engineered product, but it only costs $45.  You can tell that Rockwell takes pride in the work they do just by holding their razors.  If you’re looking to make the switch from cartridge shaving to double edge shaving or even if you’re already a double edge shaver, you owe it to yourself to give serious consideration to the Rockwell Chrome Series razors.

You can pre-order the Rockwell Chrome Series from Indiegogo at the campaign page.

Source: The Rockwell 6C Chrome Series Razor was a manufacturer provided review sample

What I Like: Fantastic build quality; Great shave; Adjustable to all faces and skin types; Affordable

What Needs Improvement:  Nothing that I could find

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