The Corkcicle Insulated Ivanhoe Duffle Makes Transporting Food & Beverages Easier

The Corkcicle Insulated Ivanhoe Duffle Makes Transporting Food & Beverages Easier

Corkcicle makes some of my personal favorite whiskey glasses, tumblers, and canteens. Their newest product, the Ivanhoe Duffle, is not just going to be a hit at barbecues, it’s going to keep you happy by making sure your beverages stay perfectly chilled en route from your home to the party.

Don’t be that guy in 2019 toting around that boxy cooler that only fits a single bag of ice and a six-pack. Get yourself the Ivanhoe Duffle, the latest innovation from Corkcicle. While it’s not quite summer yet, I’ve had the opportunity to check out the Ivanhoe Duffle at home, and it’s been a match made in heaven.

Ivanhoe Duffle Features:

•  Removable, padded shoulder strap with custom hardware
•  Holds 48 cans or 24 cans and 4 wine bottles
•  Easy-access accessory side pocket
•  Reinforced vegan leather base
•  Food safe interior liner
•  Space-grade insulation
•  YKK full zip closure
•  Handle drop: 8″

Prior to using the duffle, my wife and I would just send guests to our freezer for ice, or we’d use the hard-sided cooler you’d typically see sitting in the grass. With the Ivanhoe Duffle, Cockcicle intends to allow users to be a bit more comfortable transporting their beverages and ice, instead of hunching over carrying a cooler by the handles, you can use the padded shoulder strap. The Ivanhoe Duffle is the perfect solution for beach days, boating, and other outdoor events that require toting tasty beverages.

The Corkcicle Insulated Ivanhoe Duffle Makes Transporting Food & Beverages Easier

Corkcicle states that it can hold 48 cans, or 24 cans and four wine bottles (because you cannot forget the wine); as a whiskey guy, I was able to put two bottles of Makers Mark, four beers, and two bags of ice (smaller bags from CVS Pharmacy) into the Ivanhoe Duffle, and it was fantastic. The duffle didn’t leak while carrying since the bag is sturdy and lined with removable padding which makes for easier cleaning. More recently for our Christmas party, I was able to carry our cooler foods such as dips, salsa, and juices as well.

Would I suggest the Duffle by Corkcicle? Yes. It’s an easier, more effective way of carrying foods, keeping them cool or warm depending on your purpose, comes with a food safe interior liner for insulation, and more importantly frees up your two hands to carry other things. The only slight downside is the price. At $199.95 it’s a bit expensive, but it serves many uses.

For more information on the Ivanhoe Duffle, head over to Corkcicle today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Easy to carry; Does not leak

What Needs Improvement: Pricing is a bit expensive for an insulated bag

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