Awair Wants You to See the Invisible with Its 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

It’s only fitting that with the Spring come allergens and pollutants in the air. But not just outside can you suffer from bad air quality, as more often than not, the worst air you breathe is in your very own home. This is why you need the 2nd Generation Awair.

Awair Wants You to See the Invisible with Its 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of the Awair 2nd  Edition, an air quality monitor that allows you to fine all the bad chemicals, CO2 and others inside of your home when paired with a companion app. As someone with terrible asthma, and even worse allergies, I’ve always lived with some form of an indoor air monitor in my home. They all gave the bare necessities in terms of the information that I needed, but they always came in poor form, or required hideous batteries, or some overly complicated system of telling me details. Not the Awair 2nd Edition.

An improved version of the Awair, the Awair 2nd Edition is a monitor for the carton dioxide and various other particles in your home. Aside from that you can also monitor your homes temperature, humidity or even tell the time from it’s awesome frame. Pulling resemblance from a standard night clock, the Awair 2nd Edition will be able to tell you a “score” (on a scale of 100) how good or bad your air quality is at any given time. Within the Awair 2nd Gen, can tell you via app methods of improving the air quality such as opening a window, opening your blind to let a little sunshine in and more.

Paired with the Awair app, you get a much better take on how good or bad your air is with the app’s color coordinated system, signifying that green is best quality, yellow being fair conditions, with red being a need to search for better air quality. For the most part I stayed in the green, allowing myself to do as the instructions within the app gave paired with my preferences that I initially set up within the app end up giving me a graph full of hour by hour scores of the quality of air that’s currently in my room.

After a month or so of testing, there’s so much to love about it, from the ability to ask Alexa and/or Google Assistant to tell me about the quality of air in my room, or even just to find out the temperature can be a good start to your day.

Awair Wants You to See the Invisible with Its 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

Regardless of the size of the room you place the Awair 2nd Edition in your home, I feel like it will do a righteous job of accurately telling you how good or bad the air can be. Sometimes it’s as simple as opening up a window, or just turning on one of your Hue lights when the CO2 levels are off the charts. Chances are you will not find a better product that gives as much in such a small footprint as the Awair 2nd Edition, but trust me, it’s accurate, and might even help down those allergens!

At $179, you certainly get what you pay for, and peace of mind of knowing that you are living in comfortable conditions. For more information about the Awair 2nd Edition, head to this link.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Simple to use and looks amazing; App constantly updated

What Needs Improvement: Maybe a black or all white unit for those who do not have the decor for brown wood

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