UAG Offers New Bands for Apple Watch and They Are Great

One of the best things about wearing an Apple Watch is the incredible range of watch bands available for it. One Apple Watch can not only have numerous watch faces but, within a few seconds, a new watch band can change its entire look. UAG has rolled out some great new options.

UAG has released three different models of bands for Apple Watch. There is the UAG Leather Watch Strap for $69.95 and the UAG Active Watch Strap for $59.95. That doesn’t make them the least expensive bands you can buy, after all, there are any number of cheap bands available on Amazon for fifteen dollars or less, but these care quality watch bands and are priced accordingly. Let’s take a look at both.

UAG Leather Watch Strap for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a prime piece of modern tech. If, however, you select one of the classic watch faces and pair the watch with a traditional leather band, it suddenly looks far more like a traditional watch. That’s the story behind the UAG Leather Watch Strap for Apple Watch.

The $69.95 leather band is a thing of beauty. Available in brown or black, the Italian leather is lovely, and the details add to the quality look and feel. Among these details are custom hardware made from stainless steel and what UAG refers to as “Collar Locking Snap Security.” More on that in a moment.

The company is offering two different models. One is for 44, and 42mm Apple watches while the other is designed for 40 and 38mm Apple watches. That means the watch bands fit any generation of Apple Watch so long as you purchase the right size.

UAG has this to say about the UAG Leather Watch Strap for Apple Watch:

Built for the modern adventurer, our leather band for Apple Watch is a perfect pair for those looking for a stylish aesthetic. Made with Italian Leather, custom stainless steel hardware, and a collar locking snap for maximum security, the UAG leather watch band is built to handle the daily grind without compromising your style.


The stainless steel hardware is tough, but UAG knows people can be rather active while wearing their Apple Watch. That’s why they added a special security strap to the band.

Once the watch is securely strapped to your wrist, you can then use the snap to add an additional layer of security.

It is a simple solution but one that, brilliant in its simplicity. It lets you add that extra bit of confidence that your pricey Apple Watch will stay put no matter what you are doing.


  • Custom stainless steel lugs and buckles provide the peace of mind you need to take your watch on any adventure.
  • Made with Italian Leather and intricately hand stitched, our strap will naturally patina with each wear to create a strap that is uniquely yours.
  • For added security, simply snap your strap in place with the locking collar

The UAG Leather Watch Strap for Apple Watch is a nice option if you are looking for a traditional leather strap for your watch. The leather is beautiful. The hardware is refined. The craftsmanship is superb. And the security snap is that little “extra” that makes this watch band stand out in a crowded market of leather watch bands. I’m impressed, and you will be too., Check it out here.

The UAG Active Watch Strap for Apple Watch

A few months ago, I reviewed a gorgeous, and pricey, titanium band for my Apple Watch. I adore it and, since finishing the review, it has been a permanent part of my Apple Watch. But with summer here and temperatures already topping 90 degrees a few times, a metal watch band may not be the best bet. That’s especially the case since summer means more outdoor activity. The UAG Active Watch Strap for Apple Watch is just the thing for an active summer.

The $59.95 band is available in Black, Orange and Midnight. Like the UAG Leather Strap, the UAG Active Band is available in two different sizes and works with all generations of Apple Watch. Made from high strength nylon weave, it has custom stainless steel hardware. In addition to being tough, the nylon band is also thicker than most other bands I have reviewed. That not only gives it a more rugged look but makes the watch more comfortable if you are moving a lot during outside activities.

Most watch straps have one of two traditional designs, there are basic clasps of the type used in the UAG Leather Strap, and there is the metal clasp that has the band fold in on itself and lock in place. This band takes a third approach.


One side has a flat metal piece at the end with a narrow slit cut into it.

The other side of the strap is longer than one might expect and has Velcro sewn into it.

To put on the band you simple loop that long nylon side through the metal piece on the other end and fold it over onto itself. The Velcro takes hold and provides a tight grip that will keep the watch in place. Adjusting the band is as simple as pulling the two sides of the Velcro apart, tightening or loosening it and then letting the Velcro reconnect. It is a simple but effective approach that makes this an idea watch band for active use.

UAG has this to say about it:

Built for the rugged adventurer, the Active Band is designed to be one of the strongest Apple Watch bands on the market. High strength materials work together to provide the peace of mind you need to take your Apple Watch along on your most rigorous activities.

I was sent a review sample of the band in Midnight. Unlike the black version, this band looks a bit like something you would wear with camouflage pants. It is a bit much for me, and I would have preferred the solid black version, but even so, I suspect this is the watch band I’ll be using most of the summer. The good news, of course, is that, if the occasion calls for it, swapping out for something more formal takes just a few seconds. That makes the Active Band great during the day and leaves plenty of space for something more sedate when heading out for the night.


  • Stainless Steel Custom Hardware: Custom stainless steel hardware provides the peace of mind you need to take your watch on any adventure.
  • High Strength Nylon Weave: Made with a high strength nylon weave to be one of the strongest straps available.
  • Hook & Loop Fastener Security: For maximum hold with minimal effort, hook & loop fasteners make it easy to secure your strap.
  • Designed for Apple Watch Series 1-4: Works with all four generations of Apple Watch

UAG make great phone cases. Now the company offers some great bands for the Apple Watch. The UAG Leather Watch Strap and the UAG Active Band are entirely different. One is formal. The other is casual. One is made from refined leather. The other is made from durable nylon. Both, however, are well made, comfortable and will, I suspect, be quite durable. You can check them out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Fit all generations of Apple Watch; Well made; Comfortable; each has a little something extra not seen on most Apple Watch bands

What Needs Improvement: There are less expensive options that also look good but may not be as durable — time will tell

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