Check out Austere, a New Mobile Accessory Company

It’s always fun when a new company comes on the mobile technology scene. Austere is just such a company. The recently launched brand describes itself as delivering “more than what’s expected, from design to performance.” Their products are pricey, but they look great.

Check out Austere, a New Mobile Accessory Company

Austere was founded by fashion and consumer technology “industry maven” Deena Ghazarian, and it debuted in New York last week. Their lofty goal includes a commitment to bring sophisticated technology accessories that deliver superb performance without compromising in style to the market.

Check out Austere, a New Mobile Accessory Company

Their first products will be available early next month. Included among them are home entertainment audio, and video cables, tech cleaning products, and power delivery systems. As they explain in the release,

Combining sleek and sexy style with unparalleled functionality, all Austere products power and connect people to their devices seamlessly and reliably. Austere is so passionate about being more than expected that it stands behind its home theater, clean and power products with a lifetime guarantee to replace them if they ever break or underperform.

Also, Austere is targeting some of the ubiquitous technology accessories found in most of our home that, too often, are “aggressively masculine and dated.”

Company founder and CEO Ghazarian adds,

There is a massive gap in the technology accessories category, where the choice is either ubiquitous products that easily break and underperform or overly extravagant, antiquated accessories. At Austere, we’re equally passionate about performance and style and believe there’s a tremendous need in the accessories market for accessible products where these ideologies intersect. That’s why we’ve created Austere, from the packaging to the in-store displays to the products themselves, with intentional design and minimalistic style that deliver spectacular performance.

The company is banking on the fact that the “most discerning customers” (read- those willing to spend big bucks on tech) want equally impressive accessories (read- stylish AND carrying a premium price) for those electronic devices. Austere products come in reusable packaging and, to use the company’s own words, deliver an “opulent-yet-minimalistic style, [that] challenges conventional notions about technology accessories.

The first offerings from Austere include:

III Series HDMI 2.0 Cables that have HDMI 2.0b, 15?in pure hard-gold contacts, with 24K gold-plated contact shields, precision connector housings and WovenArmor cable. Carrying a lifetime guarantee, the 1.5m cable will be $49.99. The 2.5m cable will be $69.99. And the 5.0m cable will be $129.99.

The company’s V Series HDMI 2.0 Cables come in lengths of 1.5m, 2.5m, and 5.0m for $79.99, $99.99 and $149.99 respectively. These cables also feature HDMI 2.0b. They have gold contacts, a 24K gold-plated contact shield, precision connector housings, silver conductors, WovenArmor cable and LinkFit locking connectors. They also carry a lifetime guarantee.

The V Series Optical Audio cable is 2m long and will be $39.99. It employs a 24K endurance gold-plated, aDesign precision connector LinkFit housing. Designed specifically to deliver digital audio accuracy, it has a braided WovenArmor cable that offers greater durability for over-molded strain relief and metal retention hardware. It too carries a lifetime guarantee.

That may seem like a lot of cables at launch, but there are many more on the way. You can see them all here.

Check out Austere, a New Mobile Accessory Company

I’m excited to check out the company’s power offerings. I’m particular; I’m anxious to check out the V Series Power and Protect outlets. The 6-outlet model will be $129.99 while the 8-outlet model will be $149.99. Both offer “dedicated 4K joules surge, flameless MOV protection, with 12A circuit breaker + LED indicators for power, ground and protected, expansive SmartFit, PureFiltration, aDesign all-aluminum enclosure, Omniport USB, and WovenArmor power cable.” They also carry a lifetime guarantee and come with a component guarantee.

The VII Series Power and Protect series includes a 6-outlet version for $179.99 and an 8-outlet model for $199.99. Built with an all-aluminum enclosure, these “don’t call me a powerstrip” power strips offer advanced technology for your delicate electronics and look good doing it. In addition to features like a 12A circuit breaker and LED indicators, they have Omniport USB with 45W USBC PD. The use of a WovenArmor power cable and inclusion of a lifetime and component guarantee makes clear the company is confident their products get the job done.

Check out Austere, a New Mobile Accessory Company

Finally, there is the III Series Clean and Protect Screen Cleaner. Described as a mild cleaning solution, it is an “anti-bacterial, static-free, scent-free, chemical free, allergen-free spray.” The 200ml bottle is $19.99 and comes with an easy-trigger pump sprayer and double-sided cleaning and polishing cloth.

Check out Austere, a New Mobile Accessory Company

The Austere collection is an interesting entry into a crowded field. The products will be available next month. Judie and I both have some samples on the way, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts once we can go hands-on with them. In the meantime, you can learn more here.


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