Vivint Chime Extender Review: Never Miss Another Visitor

I have been reviewing Vivint products for a few years now and am excited about how much their product line has expanded. They keep developing new devices that make your house more secure and smarter. The latest device I have installed is the Vivint Chime Extender, which ensures you never miss a chime, even when away from the smart panel.

Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection Added to Outdoor Camera Pro for Real-Time Alerts and Recordings When a Vehicle Enters the Designated Area

In my smart home setup, we have covered many Vivint products. The system adds a lot of convenience and next-level security to a home. The cameras keep adding features and getting smarter, making managing security remotely easy. The new Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection for their Outdoor Camera Pro does just as the name implies — it will alert you when a vehicle arrives, leaves, or passes through a designated detection zone.

Vivint Expands Smart Home Lighting Options

Vivint has been a leader in home security for years and keeps adding to its smart home options. As smart lighting has become one of the most requested products, Vivint has announced three core products to their service. These products will integrate seamlessly with Vivint’s automation capabilities bringing smarter security and peace of mind.

Vivint Smart Energy Brings Solar Production Data Their Smart Home App

Alternative energy sources have become more affordable and reliable and are also a passion of mine. With them, it is essential to be able to monitor energy input to regulate usage. Vivint has announced a new feature allowing their app users to view production data from their solar panels. This is a significant step forward in encouraging renewable energy sources and integrating solar energy into the Vivint Smart Energy and Smart Home experience.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Improves Protection

I have been using the Vivint Smart Home for some time, and it has really become a regular part of our lives. The initial install and thoughts can be found here (pt1) and here (pt2). The Outdoor Camera Pro has since been released, and I have had the chance to take a look at it. The new camera and features are fantastic.

Vivint Made My Home Smarter and More Secure: Part 2

I recently began a two-part review of the Vivint home automation/security solutions. Read the review here before you move on to part 2. The system has definitely become an important part of our home. Part 2 will cover the Playback DVR, door locks, thermostat, smoke detector and other detectors installed. 

Vivint Made My Home Smarter and More Secure: Part 1

I recently had the good people from Vivint come and install a home automation system/security system in my home. Vivint provides a ton of options and provides professional installation with every purchase. Read on to see how the process and products have transformed my home. 

Vivint Adds Security and Automation to a 1970s Era Deckhouse, Part Two: Installation

A few weeks ago I wrote about the fact that we were going to be adding an alarm system and a nice degree of home automation to our residence in New Jersey thanks to Vivint. Well, the process is all but done and I thought in this second post we would take a look at what the installation process actually entailed. I set up a standard installation appointment with the company and was pleased to find out that, unlike so many companies, the guys actually showed up exactly when they said they would. And they were awesome. They explained what…

Vivint Adds Security and Automation to a 1970s Era Deckhouse, Part One: The System

Eight years ago we moved into a thirty-five-year-old Deck House fixer-upper. Deck Houses are post and beam “kit” houses that are built like a barn, offer huge open space and because they have no joists or crawl spaces for running wires and plumbing present numerous challenges when renovating. It is for that reason (among others) that eight years later, we are still working on it. On the “wish list” of renovations was adding some home automation, but the cost and the unique challenges of the design made it less enticing than it might otherwise have been. At some point, I…