Nomad’s Having a Flash Sale; Go Shopping Before It’s too Late!

Our friends at Nomad woke up this morning, realized it was Labor Day, and decided that their day off would be made even better if they held a flash sale. So that’s what they are doing! Nomad makes some of the best cables, charging hubs and phones case. We’re fans; that’s especially true when they are on sale.

Nomad's Having a Flash Sale; Go Shopping Before It's too Late!

So here are the details. Nomad created a code that is good for 30% off any one full-price item that is currently in stock. That includes their cables, their cases, and the Apple Watch straps.

Nomad's Having a Flash Sale; Go Shopping Before It's too Late!


I’ve slowly replaced pretty much all the charging cables I use with Nomad’s offerings. I appreciate how tough they are, I love their cable ties, and I’m a huge fan of their universal cables that let one cable do the work of two or three. Nomad’s cables aren’t the least expensive you can find, but for the quality you get — not to mention the five-year warranty — I think they are reasonably priced. At 30% they are a steal, so why wouldn’t you pick one up??

Nomad's Having a Flash Sale; Go Shopping Before It's too Late!


As you might expect, there is some fine print. The code is only good for today. In addition, it is only good on items that are in stock and currently at full price. Moment lenses, backordered items, and already discounted items are excluded. Not to worry though, there are plenty of products from which to choose. Find the one you want most, put it in your shopping cart, and apply code LABOR2019, and you’ll save 30%.

So what are you waiting for? Click this link, and go shopping.



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