Griffin Reversible USB Charge Sync Cable: 5 Feet of Awesomeness

If you are looking for a replacement for the shoddy Apple OEM Lightning cable, then you should look no further than the Griffin Reversible USB Charge Sync Cable. For $29.99 ($10 more thanApple’s 3′ cable costs ) you get a 5′ tangle-free braided cable that can be plugged into a USB port from either side.

The sample I was sent was gold — which happens to beautifully match my iPhone and iPad.

What sets this cable apart from so many other braided aftermarket cables which — let’s face it, all resist kinking and tangling — is that it is not only made with anodized aluminum housing on the ends, it is made so that you can plug it into any USB port from either side. That means that similarly to the way that you can plug the business end of the Lightning cable into your iPhone or iPad without worrying about which side is facing up, you can also plug the USB cable into your laptop or charger without fumbling around. It’s the little things, right? =)

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If you are tired of dealing with frayed, flimsy, dirty white original 3′ long Apple cables, then you should know that you not only have options with longer length and better quality, the extra money for something better is money well spent.

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The Griffin Reversible USB Charge Sync Cable retails for $29.99, and it is available directly from the manufacturer as well as other sources.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: 5 feet long; braided, tangle-free cable; anodized aluminum cable ends; colors that match current iPhones and iPads; can be plugged into USB port from either orientation

What Needs Improvement: $10 more than the 3′ OEM Apple cable, but you get 2′ extra with all the other perqs

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