Fisker Ocean Rolls into the Battle for America’s Favorite Electric SUV

A few larger names have dominated the electric car market, but Fisker should really be top of mind if you’re in the market for an electric SUV. Fisker Ocean is an electric SUV that’s offering flexible lease choices, sustainable materials, and a projected range of 300 miles!

Fisker Ocean Rolls into the Battle for America's Favorite Electric SUV

The good news is that Fisker Ocean looks amazing. It doesn’t have that extreme roundness that some SUVs seem to have developed, but it maintains a nice balance of curves and angles to give it a somewhat futuristic look while still hitting the aesthetics of a modern SUV. The interior is vegan with a focus on recycled and repurposed materials, plus the roof sports a solar panel to help add up to 1,000 miles per year that don’t need to come from the electrical grid. Finally, the finished product will also include karaoke through the Fisker Flexee app, though it’s not clear if it will also offer family mediation for the inevitable fights a karaoke road trip would create. Possibly the company thinks their “California mode” window setting would make everyone calm down, as it lowers all the windows at once for an open-air experience.

Fisker Ocean Rolls into the Battle for America's Favorite Electric SUV

Fisker’s goal is to bring electric vehicles to the mainstream, and so their pricing reflects that. They’re aiming for a starting MSRP of $37,499 that lowers to $29,999 with US tax credits. In addition, there are a number of flexible lease options where they intend to start at $379 with $2,999 down, plus lease flexibility options that allow the consumer to cancel the lease at any time, with up to 30,000 miles per year allowed on the lease.

Fisker Ocean can be preordered now, with some shipping towards the end of 2021 and broad availability in 2022. When test drives are available, consumers can schedule them through the app as well.

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