Nebia Launches Latest “Nebia by Moen” Kickstarter Campaign in New Partnership

Nebia, known for their previous successful Spa Shower Kickstarter campaigns, has joined forces with plumbing fixture powerhouse Moen, to bring you their most affordable spa shower ever. Nebia by Moen is designed to provide 2 times more spray coverage while saving 45% of the water used by standard showers. Nebia by Moen is an attractive, advanced shower system you’ll love.

Nebia Launches Latest "Nebia by Moen" Kickstarter Campaign in New Partnership

Launched today, the Nebia by Moen Kickstarter campaign will allow you to pre-order your very own spa shower starting at $160, while the future retail price will be $199. Shipping to early backers will begin in March 2020.

Nebia by Moen uses the latest version of Nebia’s atomization spray technology called H2Micro. This patented technology provides the feeling of a powerful shower while delivering a relaxing, warm experience and still saving water. The latest set of nozzles and spray array provide four times more precise droplets than standard showers.

Nebia Launches Latest "Nebia by Moen" Kickstarter Campaign in New Partnership

Check out these key features:

  • 2X more coverage than a standard showerhead.
  • 45% water savings compared to a standard shower (1.35 gallons per minute).
  • 8” diameter showerhead.
  • Shower system with 17 in. of vertical adjustability through the sliding arm and horizontal head swivel.
  • Easy 15-minute installation, no need to call a plumber, no screwing into the wall.
  • Price: Starting at $199
  • Three available finishes: Spot Resistant Nickel, White, and Chrome, Matte Black
  • Optional shower wand (hand shower) with an adjustable magnetic dock

Nebia Launches Latest "Nebia by Moen" Kickstarter Campaign in New Partnership

After announcing a Series A investment from Moen in 2019, Nebia and Moen partnered to transform the industry by creating breakthrough products that maintain a high standard of water sustainability. Nebia will remain a nimble, innovative start-up based in San Francisco while Moen will provide the industry experience and reputation among builders and contractors.

Check out the Nebia by Moen Kickstarter campaign if you’re in the market for a new showerhead and you care about reducing your home’s water use.  Stay tuned to Gear Diary, where we hope to bring you a hands-on review later this year!

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