Win a Tivic Health ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief Device for Father’s Day


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Win a Tivic Health ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief Device for Father's Day Listen to this article

If you suffer from sinus pain, you’ve probably tried everything from nasal sprays to hot compresses trying to get the pain to stop so you could continue to function. Carly gave the Tivic Health ClearUp device a try last year to manage her sinus pain, and she had excellent results. As a Father’s Day gift for one of our readers, we have a ClearUp to give away!

Win a Tivic Health ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief Device for Father's Day

When Carly reviewed the Tivic Health ClearUp device she said:

ClearUp is designed to relieve sinus pressure without nasal sprays or hot water rags. Instead, you turn it on, slide it along your face, and stop whenever you feel it begin to vibrate. It vibrates wherever it hits a spot where you have blockages that might be causing a headache, and it stops when it’s treated them. You can use it several times a day, and it only takes a few minutes to slide it around your face.

She also said:

There are a number of benefits of reaching for the ClearUp. First of all, it’s not medication, so you don’t have to worry about dependency or prescriptions. You’re not shooting anything up your nose, so if you’re extra stuffy it’s ok. You’re not burning or freezing your face off with hot and cold compresses. And then you don’t get that lingering weird smell that Flonase leaves behind…that last one might just be my issue though. It’s also the kind of thing you can easily carry with you — Tivic even thoughtfully includes a carrying case.

The ClearUp device is non-invasive and chemical-free. You can read more about the science behind how it works here.

Win a Tivic Health ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief Device for Father's Day

Ordinarily, the ClearUp device costs $149; right now, Tivic Health is running a Father’s Day promo that lowers the price for one to $119 with free shipping (use code tvreliefbuy1) or for two to $223 (use code tvreliefbuy2) if you buy from their site; on Amazon, you can get two for $233 with no code necessary. When you purchase, Tivic Health will donate $5 from each purchase to the American Nurses Foundation.

If you know someone who suffers from sinus pain, the Tivic Health ClearUp device might be just what they need. Enter this giveaway for them — or for yourself — and have a Happy Father’s Day!

UPDATE: This giveaway is over. Look for more exciting giveaways soon!

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