Pixie Technology’s Augmented Reality Will Literally Point to Your Lost Keys

Admit it, you’ve lost your keys before. We all have. Recently we found a set of keys my wife lost two years ago! There are Bluetooth trackers that will beep when initiated, but Pixie has a better plan; they use augmented reality to float a visual in front of you that guides you to your lost item.

Pixie Technology's Augmented Reality Will Literally Point to Your Lost Keys

Check out the video below, which looks pretty darn cool:

If you’re wondering, Pixie is able to do all this using the upgrades in iOS 11, so this is one of the early examples of how Apple’s commitment to augmented reality can encourage some really cool accessories!

It looks pretty awesome, though there is one catch — you need to install a Pixie Point on your phone in order to use the service. The Pixie Point isn’t huge (1.4″ wide x 1.8″ tall) but the thickness is 0.13″. For reference, that is about as thick as two nickels (one nickel is 0.06 inches thick). So it’s not huge, but if you prefer a very, very slim profile you might not be happy. To mitigate this, Pixie does throw in a free case, one that presumably can hold the Pixie Point comfortably. The good news is that if you need several, Pixie is significantly cheaper than Tile, one of their better known competitors. 8 Pixies can be bought for $104, while 8 Tiles costs $130. Plus you get that cool AR experience. Admit it, you want the 8-pack for the scavenger hunt possibilities alone!

Pixies will ship in early September, so keep your eyes peeled!

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