Arlo Essential Indoor Camera Gives You All-In-One Security and Privacy with an Automated Privacy Shield

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Home security is something everyone worries about. It’s become much more accessible with internet-connected cameras, doorbells, and smart homes that don’t require paying for a monitoring service or having a professional installation. This is great, except it still leaves one big issue to consider: privacy. How secure is it to have cameras in your home? Are you sure they’re not recording when you don’t want them to? Arlo has an easy solution to all your worries with the new Arlo Essential Indoor Camera with Automated Privacy Shield!

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera with Automated Privacy Shield

The Privacy Shield concept is straightforward; it’s literally a cover that comes down over the lens when the camera isn’t being used. That way, you have no concerns that your camera might be recording you surreptitiously. Likewise, you’ll know when it is recording or available to record because the shutter is up. Sometimes simple is better, and not only is this simple, but it’s also relying on physical hardware instead of software, so you have extra assurance that no one can see if you don’t want them to see.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera with Automated Privacy Shield

In addition to the Privacy Shield, the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera offers 2-way audio, motion sensing, a high-definition camera, Google and Alexa integration, night vision, and a built-in siren that can be triggered either manually via the app or automatically (handy if you’re sleeping!). So you’re getting all the peace of mind that comes with a security camera and dodging the jokes from your friends (when they come over post-Covid) about how you’re secretly filming their every move! It’s a win all around, and for only $99.99, it’s a bargain that you won’t regret.

You can pre-order the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera on their website, and it ships by the end of March.

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