Upgrade Your TV Watching Experience Just in Time for Labor Day and Fall Football with Roku

Roku is America’s number one TV streaming platform and a favorite brand among Gear Diary staff because of its easy-to-navigate UI that’s found on multiple manufacturer’s smart TVs as well as Roku’s affordable smart speakers and stand-alone streaming hardware. With Labor Day coming up soon as well, along with the fall football season, we wanted to point out some of the ways you can upgrade your TV enjoyment without necessarily replacing your television — although there are excellent Roku deals to be had on smart TVs right now, too!

Roku Deals for Labor Day 2021

Roku TVs

CL 85" Class 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV - 85R745

Whether you’re looking for a smart TV to stick in a dorm room, the spare bedroom, the kitchen, the master bedroom, or in your living room home theater, Roku has everything from affordable HDTVs that won’t take up much space to the monster TCL 85″ 8K Ultra HD shown above that can bring a true movie theater experience into your space. With hundreds of TV models spread over multiple brands, there is something to choose from at every price point,

Each of the TVs listed in the Roku TV Finder will help you cut the cord — if that’s your intention — or they will play nicely with your existing cable provider as well as your gaming system and any other add-ons.

I’ll just go ahead and add this 85″ TCL 4K UHD with Dolby Vision shown above to my wishlist now … not that I really have a spot large enough to hold it, but a girl can dream!

Roku Streambar Pro

Roku Streambar Pro

If you already have a TV that is working just fine, but you want to give it the ultimate 2-in-1 upgrade, you can make your TV smart (or even smarter) and give it cinematic Dolby Audio sound with the $179.99 Roku Streambar Pro.

Setup is quick and easy, the sound settings are simple, and you can even go for broke by upgrading the Roku Streambar Pro with more speakers and a subwoofer if you want to enjoy huge surround sound.

The Roku Streambar Pro streams in HD, 4K, and HDR, and it comes with the excellent Roku voice remote that has a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can watch TV as loudly as you’d like without disturbing others. 

Roku Express 4K+

Upgrade Your TV Watching Experience Just in Time for Labor Day and Fall Football with RokuAt $39.99, the Roku Express 4K+ makes it easy to start streaming in 4K with vivid HDR color on any TV. What you get is smooth streaming with faster wireless performance, even when you have multiple devices connected to your network.

The Roku Express 4K also includes the Roku voice remote, but even better — you can score one for just $29.99 if you act quickly!

Roku Voice Remote Pro

Roku Voice Remote Pro

Have you got one of the old Roku remotes that doesn’t have the private listening option? Or maybe you’re just tired of finding that remote dead because it ate another set of AA batteries?

Now you can upgrade that old-style Roku remote with the $29.99 Roku Voice Remote Pro; it gives you one-touch control, personal shortcut buttons, a lost remote finder, private listening via the 3.5mm headphone jack, and a rechargeable battery. You can even use hands-free voice commands to play entertainment, control your streaming, and power up your TV.

I need one of these for the TCL/Roku TV in my office. The upgraded feature I most need is the rechargeable battery; for some reason, my TV’s older remote will drain AAs like no one’s business. =P

Roku Ultra 

Roku Ultra

The $99.99 Roku Ultra is for people who love to stream and who want a top-of-the-line streaming player with the best features. The Roku Ultra happens to be Roku’s fastest and most powerful player ever; it comes loaded with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound for a more cinematic viewing and listening experience.

The Roku Ultra also has Bluetooth streaming and a lost remote finder; it comes with a voice remote that has personal shortcut buttons and headphones for private listening.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers

Roku Wireless Speakers

The $149.99 Roku TV Wireless Speakers are perfect if you want to massively upgrade your audio experience or enjoy surround sound, assuming that you already have a smart TV or a Roku streaming player. The two speakers work in harmony to fill your room with audio, crystal clear dialogue, and impressive bass for a totally immersive entertainment experience.

If you really want to shake some windows and walls, you can round out your upgraded sound system by adding the $179.99 Roku Wireless Subwoofer!


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