One of the New TCL Smart TVs Would Make a Great Gift This Father’s Day

Stumped on what to get Dad for Father’s Day? TCL has some smart TVs that make great gifts he will love. And with prices starting below $300, there’s something for almost every budget. If you aren’t familiar with TCL Smart TVs, there’s no better time than Father’s Day to check out the TCLQ6, TCL Q7, TCL QM8, and the TCL S Class S4 for Roku TV or Google TV.

TCL has emerged as one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics companies, and its extensive selection of smart televisions is one of the reasons why. They recently launched their line of Q Class and S Class Smart TVs; the selection is vast.

Let’s run down the various new TCL Smart TVs so you can see if they’re “just right” for Dad.


TCL Smart TVs - TCL Q6

TCL’s new Q6 QLED series smart televisions start at just $499.99. This line incorporates a High Brightness LED Backlight. This technology produces brighter, enhanced images to increase the immersive experience of watching movies and TV shows.

Other technologies, such as Motion Rate 240 with MEMC Frame Insertion, add to the clarity and make this line ideal if Dad loves sports!!


TCL Smart TVs - TCL Q7

The TCL Q7 starts at $749.99 and delivers a premium viewing experience. The line’s High Brightness PRO LED Backlight produces up to 1,000 Nits of peak brightness for a realistic cinematic experience your Dad can enjoy from the comfort of his home.

With a 120Hz refresh rate, the Q7 line is an excellent choice if Dad loves watching action movies, playing graphically-heavy video games, or cheating for his team while watching live sports. Dad will love the ultra-smooth viewing experience.


TCL Smart TVs - TCL QM8

If you want to splurge on Dad, you might choose TLC’s QM8 line. Starting at $1699.99, this is TCL’s premium line, available in sizes from 65″ up to 85″. These feature-packed smart televisions feature an industry-leading mini-LED ULTRA panel.

With up to 2,300+ local dimming zones and precise zone control, they offer picture clarity that will let Dad feel like he is part of the action … whatever that action might be.

And while the image the QM8 line deliver is remarkable, TCL knows that the visual experience is only part of the equation. That’s why the line also features high-end audio and a built-in subwoofer. Dad might want a sound bar, but with the QM8 line, he likely won’t NEED one.

Features of this tricked-out line of intelligent televisions include:

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • QLED – Quantum Dot Technology with UltraWide Color Gamut
  • High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight with Up to 2,000 Peak Nits
  • Full Array ULTRA Local Dimming with Up to 2,300+ Dimming Zones
  • 120Hz Panel Refresh Rate
  • Motion Rate 480 with MEMC Frame Insertion
  • Game Accelerator 240 for Up to 240 VRR Gaming
  • HDR ULTRA (Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10, & HLG)
  • TCL AIPQ Engine with Deep Learning AI
  • Google TV Smart OS with Hands-Free Voice Control and Backlit Voice Remote
  • Auto Game Mode (ALLM) with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • IMAX Enhanced Certification
  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • FullView Metal Bezel-less Design with Height Adjustable Pedestal Stand
  • DTS Virtual: X
  • Bluetooth Personal Audio
  • 4 HDMI Inputs (1 x eARC)
  • Chromecast Built-in
  • Apple Airplay2
  • Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit
  • Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • USB Input

TCL S Class S4 for Roku TV or Google TV

TCL Smart TVs - TCL S Class S4 for Roku TV or Google TV

Finally, if you want something more affordable, you might consider getting Dad one of TCL’s S Class S4 Roku TVs or Google TVs. With 4K Ultra HD resolution, this line, available in sizes ranging from 43″ up to an impressive 85″, delivers sharp detail and remarkable clarity.

The line may be affordable with HDR PRO, but it still offers enhanced contrast, accurate colors, and fine details. DTS Virtual:X, Motion Rate 240 with MEMC Frame Insertion, Auto Game Mode (ALLM), Bluetooth, and three high-speed HDMI inputs.

These features make the S TCL Class S4 a flexible choice if Dad frequently switches between movies, gaming, and sports. It’s a case of the line being a jack of all trades with little to no compromise.

If Dad is invested in Google’s smart ecosystem, you’ll want to get him the version with Google TV built-in; I prefer Roku TV, and I love that TCL makes a line with Roku’s technology baked in!

Several Gear Diary writers have TCL Smart TVs, and we are all quite happy with them. And with a range of sizes and price points, there’s something for every budget and, as a result, every Dad.

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