Xfinity Expands Their Home Security Offerings with the Xfinity Video Doorbell

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Xfinity Expands Their Home Security Offerings with the Xfinity Video Doorbell Listen to this article

There are a lot of home security options out there. But for every person who is fine with buying their own devices and setting it up, there are people like my parents who vastly prefer to stick with the consistency of one company handling everything for them. They already use Comcast for their internet, cable, and home security, and they’ll be very excited to hear that Comcast is expanding its offerings early next year with the Xfinity Video Doorbell!

Xfinity Video Doorbell

If you aren’t sure why an Xfinity video doorbell is a good idea, the company lists a number of reasons why consumers might want to consider it:

  • You can keep an eye out for porch pirates and ensure your packages are delivered safely.
  • The integration with Xfinity means you can see who’s at your door without getting off the couch, as well as while you’re out and about.
  • Right now, it comes with professional installation and is available for a one-time $120 or $5/month for two years for Xfinity Home Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus customers.
  • It’s protected from cybersecurity threats through Xfinity xFi, available to all Xfinity Home customers.

If the idea of a video doorbell has seemed inconvenient or complicated for you, and you’re an Xfinity customer, this is your chance to get set up with a fantastic home security feature at a great price!

You can learn more about the Xfinity Home Security and the Xfinity Video Doorbell here

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