Eufy SpaceView HD Is Our Top Baby Monitor Pick for 2018

I’ve been a huge fan of Eufy and their parent company, Anker, recently. Eufy doesn’t disappoint with their brand spanking new SpaceView HD Wireless Baby Monitor. With a huge HD display, long battery life, great night vision, two-way audio, and pan, tilt, zoom functionality; it’s my new favorite baby monitor when you take into account the affordable $169.99 price point.

Eufy’s SpaceView Baby Monitor is part of their Eufy Security line and as such, it’s a great option for those wary of the security concerns that come along with Wi-Fi baby monitors. It’s a secure wireless connection that cannot be accessed via the Internet. In addition to the security aspect, the SpaceView baby camera has a ton of convenient features as well.

Everything included in the box.

You’ve got two-way audio so you can talk to your kids through the camera, it has a long-lasting battery able to last 7 hours with the screen on and 17 hours on standby. The SpaceView also comes with an interchangeable lens so you can swap between the default lens and the wide-angle lens to get the view you’re looking for.

Back of the camera.

The night vision mode works very well, almost like the light are on! Plus, with the PTZ features (pan, tilt, zoom) you can always make sure you can see what’s going on in the room. The SpaceView camera can pan 330° and it can tilt 110°. You can also use the digital zoom function to get a closer look, up to 2x.

Back of the monitor.

Top of the monitor.

Another neat feature that most baby monitors don’t have is that they include a 90-degree corner wall mount in the box. That’s almost unheard of when it comes to baby monitors. This makes it very easy to mount your baby monitor without buying additional accessories.

The SpaceView baby monitor includes smart notifications. This allows the camera to stay in standby mode with the sound and video off until it camera hears noise louder than your set threshold. Once the noise in the room passes your set threshold, the screen and speakers turn on and you can hear and see what’s making all that noise. It’s a great feature that lets you keep an eye on your baby but also go to sleep without a screen lit up next to you. There’s also a built-in thermometer within the camera that allows you to view the ambient temperature in the baby’s room from the monitor.

Nice user interface.

After using Eufy Security’s SpaceView HD Wireless Baby Monitor for a few weeks, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the video quality as well as the ease of use. With the included corner mount, wide-angle lens, and security and convenience features, it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to video baby monitors on the market today.

Lots of options.

Night vision mode.

Although I haven’t had the chance to test it myself, my contacts at Eufy have told that the SpaceView baby monitor is compatible with multiple cameras. If we had a second camera, we would be using the SpaceView camera every night with our two kids. But I can’t comment as to how that works, whether or not split-screen view is available, how smart alerts works in that mode, etc. Stay tuned as we’ll update this review if we can get our hands on a second SpaceView camera. As of the publication of this review, Eufy didn’t sell single cameras.

If you’re in the market for a single camera baby monitor, the Eufy Security SpaceView Baby Monitor is far and away my #1 choice. You can purchase yours from As of publishing, Amazon has a $30 coupon which expires on 11/30/18, so now would be the best time to buy  

Source: The Eufy SpaceView HD Wireless Baby Monitor was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like:  Secure wireless connection; HD-quality video; PTZ-functionality; Night vision; Long battery life; Included corner wall mount and wide-angle lens.

What Needs Improvement:  Eufy needs to sell either a single camera or multi-camera bundle for parents with multiple kids.

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