Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Gains Alexa and Ambient Light Docks

Sure, your home is smart, but it can always be a little bit smarter. It’s the little things that make smart objects more useful, and Lenovo understands that smarter items need great design as well as intelligence to become integral to your everyday life. That’s why they’re rolling out the new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Amazon Alexa alongside some new ambient light docks for it.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Gains Alexa and Ambient Light Docks

Lenovo Smart Clock With Optional Dock (photo courtesy of GEEKSPIN)

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is more than just an alarm clock. Previously available only with Google Assistant, this new version features Alexa, can function as a smart speaker, and it offers users the ability to mute its microphones. This way, you get the benefits of having Alexa handle your alarms, and you can even connect it to the rest of your smart home. So, if you were to pair it with the correct smart plug, you could literally tell your alarm clock to start brewing your coffee.

But at the same time, if you want privacy, it’s as simple as flipping the mute switch. Lenovo has always committed to concrete ways to show they care about your privacy with webcam shutters, and the ability to know you’ve muted the smart speaker is a natural evolution of that balance of features and protection.

Best of all, Smart Clock Essential is stylish; it’s offered in Misty Blue or Clay Red with soft-touch fabric. Look for it in January 2022, starting at $59.99.

How’s this for fun?

You can even change up the look of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with an Ambient Light Dock. The ambient light docks come in sea lion and squid shapes, and they offer eight different lighting modes — from solids to rainbow and both steady and pulsing lights. The Ambient Light Dock is expected in the first quarter of 2022, starting at $29.99.

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