MagSafe Compatible magHANDL Series Brings Even More Function to Your iPhone’s MagSafe Ring

With two kids, I know how imperative phone protection is. Preventing accidental drops is one way to keep them from cracking. The grip-less cell accessory, HANDL, has launched its new Apple MagSafe compatible magHANDL series.

magHANDL series

If you have a MagSafe compatible iPhone, you likely know that there is a series of magnets placed around the iPhone internal charging coil; when MagSafe compatible accessories are used with MagSafe, they will snap securely onto the iPhone’s back.

With the magHANDL, the classic HANDLstick rectangle is now removable, and it and can be easily removed to charge your phone via MagSafe swapped with other styles to match your mood or style.

The magHANDL combines magnetic force with microsuction material; it can connect directly to your bare phone, or you can attach it with the accompanying adhesive ring base to your phone or case. The magHANDL allows users to hold the phone in both portrait and landscape orientation easily.


HANDLstick style magHANDL

The new magHANDL uses an elastic and brace design that extends your phone’s versatility and makes it feel comfortable and natural to hold.


HANDL O style magHANDL

The magHANDL comes in the classic HANDLstick and the new HANDL O styles. There are 17 magHANDL models to choose from, with prices ranging from $39.99 to $49.99.

You can learn more about the magHANDL and the new HANDL O series here, and you can see the currently available HANDL styles here.

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  1. Definitely a useful accessory to prevent drops. That it’s removable is nice, not just for charging but as a great feature compared to the old stick on ones.

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